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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Week I Hereby Dub “Is-It-Over-Yet Week”

Don’t me wrong, there are a few things I’m excited for this week.

It’s off to a good start with yet another strong episode of The Good Wife (save for the Kalinda/ex-husband subplot that is so barely connected to the real story that it should be its own show!), Victoria’s return from the “dead” on Revenge, and a couple Tippi Hedren-esque attacks on (the likely soon-to-be-cancelled) 666 Park Avenue.

I’ve got an episode of Once Upon a Time waiting on my DVR, and may even Hulu The Simpsons for their annual Treehouse of Horror episode that aired last night.

We’ve got new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Go On, Parenthood, the Tuesday Fox comedies (btdubs, the 2 newbies have been picked up for full/full-ish seasons- The Mindy Project has a full season pickup, Ben & Kate only 6 additional episodes (for a 19 episode first season) due to the creator’s pregnancy), a showing of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog on Tuesday, yet another debate for me to internally debate watching or catching up on the DVR’d shows, and a new episode of Last Resort (which I’m going to cling to until TPTB rip it from my cold, dead hands).

The final season of Gossip Girl kicks off tonight, and new seasons of The Vampire Diaries, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The League start up this week. We also “welcome” to our screens 4 new shows: Arrow (which the CW hopes will be a massive hit for them), Beauty and the Beast (which I don’t think anyone at the CW is pretending this one is going to be a hit), Chicago Fire (see review here), and Nashville (again, see review here). I will say, I have had the songs from Nashville stuck in my head since I viewed the pilot, and I am looking forward to its next episode.

So, with all this going on- new episodes, new shows, premieres of final seasons of shows I am ashamed to watch but can’t help loving anyway (GG), why do I want this week to be over? Because next week is going to be the best week of the year! Or at least the fall season!Starting on Sunday, October 14th, not-at-all-live from Atlanta, Georgia, it’s Darryl Dixon vs. the motherfreaking zombies! Yes, that’s right kids, next Sunday The Walking Dead returns after 7 long, zombie-free months.

Three days later, we get another horror fix from the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum. In case you care and haven’t yet heard, it’s largely the same cast playing all new roles in an all new setting. (Fun story: I wasn’t originally a fan of American Horror Story last year, but when I was hobbled and living on my sister’s couch, I watched the last few episodes with her and really got into it.)

On the same night, we return to a much more terrifying neighborhood- Chatswin. Suburgatory is back, and while I know that show doesn’t float everyone’s boat, it’s one of my favorite comedies from last season. I love Jeremy Sisto, and think Jane Levy is really great as well. How can you deny a show with a supporting cast like Alan Tudyk, Ana Gasteyer, Cheryl Hines, and Chris Parnell? Just so much funny in one cast. That’s definitely one set I’d love to visit if I were the kind of entertainment blogger that actually got to visit sets, rather than the kind who lives in Nebraska and the closest she’s ever been to being on set was helping her college roommate film an improv show on campus. I digress…

Finally, the pièce de résistance, the cherry on the sundae that is television, the show that makes me glad I’m a social misfit and spend most Friday nights either at home, at my bff’s apartment watching tv, or at my sister’s house also watching tv: Whitney! HA! Super Late/Early April’s Fool. Actually, let’s call it a Columbus Day’s Fool, since Columbus was a fool for saying he discovered a land that already had thousands of people living here. Again, I digress. Community is back next Friday night, and this is very likely the last run of original episodes we’ll ever see for this show unless the fans can rally around it, get a few more eyes tuning in, and make it worth NBC’s interest to keep a show that averaged a low-2 rating at its highest point on air.

Being a TV addict/nerd, there are some show to which I get very attached. Most shows I like, when they’re cancelled, I’m bummed but move on. A few dozen get the honor of having series-run marathons every few years or so. Then there are the handful of shows that, for whatever reason, I watch over and over and over. (Sap alert!) Watching these shows feels like coming home when you’ve been gone for a while- familiar, comfortable, and they just make me happy. Community is one of these shows for me. I have watched all three seasons more times that I can remember (or should admit to!); I’ve watched season 3 about four times this summer alone. When the final scene is finished airing, whether it’s this year or next year or many years down the road, I’m going to let out a shriek and then shut down, much like Abed.


Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Judging the New Shows

Before I get started in the real stuff, I’d first like to give a shout out to my bestie, Introverted Knitter, who has been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award. Definitely check out her blog, about her adventures with knitting and figuring out life post-grad school, and see if you can get her to spill on what my super secret Christmas gift is!

And now, the real stuff:

As I’ve espoused before, I try to give everything 3 episodes, excluding the pilot, before I decide if I like it or not. Again, I TRY to give everything multiple episodes. But, as happens every season, the hours in a day don’t allow me to watch everything new and everything old that I like, and the DVR available memory starts to disappear, so I’m forced to make decisions. And don’t get me wrong, I try HARD to make enough hours in the day. Like, up until 1 am trying to squeeze in as much TV viewing as possible before passing out. I just can’t do it!

So, here are my judgments (some snap, some carefully thought out after multiple viewings and asking opinions/reading other (aka legit) entertainment blogs) on the new fall shows. (I plan on posting later a little diatribe about disappointing season premieres, despite what those legit entertainment blogs claim. I’m looking at you, HIMYM.)

666 Park Avenue
Episodes watched:
Snap Judgement: Park Ave. has some creepiness to it, some darkness to it, but lacks a certain sense of gravitas to really make a major impact on me. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes with the Dragon’s Lair, and hopefully it can capitalize on the Rosemary’s Baby mood it had going at some points and get a little darker, a little more mysterious. It really is like American Horror Story-lite, which is both a good and bad thing.
Grade: B
(Final note: Don’t get too attached. Unless it pulls off something rare and actually gains viewers in the second episode, based on the premiere ratings I doubt it will last past the initial 13 episodes. It premiered to lower numbers than both Pan Am and GCB, both of which were cancelled. (Damnit, I wanted to see the pastor and Leslie Bibb hook up, even if they did look like brother and sister!))

Episodes watched:
Snap Judgement: Ugh! Bland bland bland! Not even Brandon Routh’s abs could make this show watchable (though it wouldn’t have hurt them to show them off a little in the premiere). The jokes fell somewhere between lame, predictable, and ridiculous. The plot was also ridiculous- Joe called Louis the first time he met Sophia’s Bush, but not after they got engaged? Sophia Bush would break off her engagement instantly without at least talking to Joe first? The relationships between these four characters didn’t ever seem real-they seemed to be relationships set up simply for the plot of a bland sitcom- and for a show based on the relationships between these four people, that’s a bad thing. KoMut seriously lucked out with Will & Grace. The casting on that was lightning in a bottle, which they did NOT recreate with Partners.
Grade: D (I liked the theme song, and Brandon Routh was there. BTdubs, wasn’t into Routh before he played a baddie on Chuck. What does that say about my taste in men?)

The Mob Doctor
Episodes watched:
Carefully Thought Out Evaluation:I am still trying to like this show, even though I’m 95% sure next week is going to be the last episode. (It will go on hiatus for baseball, during which time it will be fitted for cement shoes and take a little trip over to Lake Michigan.) My problem is that I like the actors in it SO MUCH: Jordana Spiro, Matt Saracen Zach Gilford, Zeljko Ivanek. I want it to be better than it is because I like them so much, I like seeing them on a weekly basis. I just can’t do it. They have no chemistry, the brother and Jordana’s ex are a) twins and b) wooden, the whole premise is still a little ridiculous (How is no one at the hospital noticing/caring that she leaves for hours at a time in the middle of the day? Why is her nurse friend so willing to practice insurance fraud for her? How is her mother so clueless about what’s really going on? How are she and Saracen the same age when he just graduated high school like three years ago?!)
Grade: D

Episodes Watched: 3
Carefully Thought Out Evaluation: Here’s a show that I’d been looking forward to, and then I saw the pilot ahead of the air date. I left feeling underwhelmed. I watched the pilot again when it aired, and was closer to whelmed. Then I watched the second episode. Underwhelmed. I just feel like this is a show that could be awesome- they could create this amazing technology-free world and really build on this mystery of how it all happened and who’s behind it and if it can be undone. Instead, all that seems secondary every week to telling the story of how Miles can beat people up, Charlie can double for a poster board cut-out, and various people interact with them unconvincingly. I feel like the last two episodes have really shown what this show is going to be, and I don’t think I’m as psyched about it as I was for the the show promised in first half of the pilot.
Grade: C (There’s potential here, still.) (Fun fact: NBC has already picked up Revolution for a full season.)

Episodes Watched: None
Snap Judgment: Can’t say yet. The premiere and last night’s episode are sitting on my DVR, untouched. I was unmotivated all weekend to actually watch the pilot, so I think that says something about my personal interest in this show. From all I’ve heard, it’s a good, if not somewhat mediocre, show. The numbers seem healthy enough, easily trouncing the timeslot competition. I don’t know if the numbers are what CBS was hoping for and if it looks good long term, but I can see it getting a full season order.
Grade: N/A

Emily Owens, M.D.
Episodes Watched:
Snap Judgment: Yesterday, The CW released Emily Owens via YouTube and Hulu (haven’t checked iTunes yet- I fail this week!). I watched, and it’s okay. The nerd (the titular Emily, played by Mamie Gummer) is a big ol’ insecure mess even though she’s on the top of her game. She’s JD-meets-Meredith (Scrubs, Grey’s for those of you not obsessed with medical shows), a somewhat out-of-touch dweeb who wants to fit in but is too up in their own head and too caught up with the butterflies in her stomach whenever The Guy approaches (med school crush Will, played by Justin Hartley). I hate to break it to you (slight spoiler alert), but the nerd doesn’t get the guy, at least not by the end of the pilot. Instead, she’ll just have to settle for Dr. Micah, the cute, caring, sweet, sensitive, actually-polite-to-newbies doctor with a sick mom and the face of Michael Rady. Oh shucks, what an awful consolation prize. Her life is super tough. I’m also fairly confident we’re going to find out that the daughter of the chief of staff isn’t quite as friendly as she’s pretending to be, and we’ll eventually see Emily and her high school rival Cassandra become friends.
Grade: B- (Good casting, some good chemistry between the actors; the plot lines and relationships between the characters could be a little less cliche, and the voice overs need to be dialed down a touch.)

Ben and Kate
Episodes Watched:
Mix of Snap Judgment and Careful Evaluation: I’m still wrapping my head around this one. It’s not quite at the level of funny I think it could get to. I do like the easiness between Ben and Kate- Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon really do give off a brother-sister vibe. and Dakota Johnson is good at the mix of responsible and caring mom/young woman still figuring things out. BJ and Tommy (Lucy Punch and Echo Kellum) are good supporting characters and could even be used a bit more. I do think B&K fits well with the wackadoos on Raising Hope and that family-first feeling Hope has. Bottom line, I’m on the fence about this one. I’ll keep watching hoping it grows into the show I think it could be, but I also won’t be heartbroken if it never does.
Grade: B

The Mindy Project
Episodes Watched: 2
Mix of Snap Judgment and Careful Evaluation: Another show I’m mostly on the fence about. I find Mindy to be grating. I liked her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) to an extent. I’ve liked her in various shows and movies. The key thing is, I’ve always liked her in small doses, and her book I liked to an extent, and also disliked in that it was a lot of shallow observances, with a few essays that exposed something real thrown in. Indoor Cat’s sister said it best last night- Mindy reminds me a lot of Lena Dunham’s character from Girls if Girls prescribed to romcom tenets. She’s self-absorbed, entitled, clueless to the real world around her. Mindy is willing to go from 0 to beyotch in about 1 second whenever she doesn’t like Daniel’s responses or attitude. Which brings me to the part of the show I do like: I like Daniel and his gruffness, I’ve-been-hurt-and-am-sick-of-shallow-people-I-want-someone-real-in-my-life attitude. I like Stephen Tobolowsky as kind of the father figure of the practice. I’m torn on Jeremy, the hot Brit doctor. He’s got the good looks thing going on, but we need a little more character depth from him pronto.  The trio of secondary females (the two receptionists and best friend) seem excessive to the show at this point.
Grade: B-/C+

Go On
Episodes Watched:
Carefully Thought Out Evaluation: I LOVE Go On. It’s got kinks to work out, sure, and exploring the other characters a bit more would definitely help deepen the world of Go On. But, overall, I love it. I think the cast has a great rapport- I especially love the bromance between Ryan (Matthew Perry) and Steven (John Cho), especially when we mixed it up and included George in there. I’m not sure why episodes 2 and 3 were aired out of order, and it was a bit distracting. Mr. K is still a little grating, but they use his weirdness sparingly, for the most part, so it works out. I think the best part of Go On is the sweetness at its core. It’s sweet seeing the people in Ryan’s life want to help him, and seeing Ryan want to help them too (even if that helps tends to go poorly!). Basically, as soon as an episodes end, I want to see the next one, so I’m definitely giving this show an:
Grade: A (Fun fact: NBC has already picked up Go On for a full season.)

The New Normal
Episodes Watched: 4
Carefully Thought Out Evaluation: This is one of the toughest shows for me to judge this year. I liked the pilot, though it felt rushed. I still thought it had a lot of heart and was looking forward to Modern Family 2.0. However, I just am not terribly jazzed about The New Normal. First off, I understand Nana is a racist, homophobic, bigot; please stop clubbing me over the head with that fact. Her “funny”/”Did she just say that” rants make me want to fast forward/mute the show, because I simply can’t stand them. This last episode did a better job humanizing her, but not enough. Rocky is a wholly unnecessary character, as this last episode proved. I just am not feeling the makeshift family feel for the main foursome (David, Bryan, Goldie and Shania). This last episode really threw me for a loop, because it was much better than the first few, so I just can’t make up my mind! In the end, my carefully thought out evaluation is that I need to give this show more time before I can figure out if I like it or not!
Grade: B most of the time, D sometimes, so I guess that averages out to a C, eh? (Final fun fact: NBC has already picked up The New Normal for a full season, so instead of 9 more episodes to make up my mind, I’ll have about 18!)

The Neighbors
Episodes Watched: 1
Snap Judgment: Call me crazy (don’t call me crazy, that’s mean!), but The Neighbors was actually better than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still bad; I just expected it to be a lot worse. It’s a cute enough idea, and there were a couple humorous moments in the pilot. It just seems like this show is better fitted for ABC Family than ABC. The humor is weak. If the show lasts, it would be wise to embrace the zaniness of living in an alien community. It really just has a bland feel behind it, though.
Grade: C

Animal Practice
Episodes Watched: 3
Snap Judgment: I suppose this is exactly what I expected from a show co-starring a monkey. The last two episodes have shown a little more chemistry between the characters, but I still don’t like most of the characters. I wanted to like this show so much, because I do like Justin Kirk and Joanna Garcia-Swisher, and Tyler Labine can be very funny. This is actually probably my favorite role of his (that I’ve seen), because he’s much more mellow, which is nice. It just doesn’t make me laugh, and that’s kind of key for a sitcom.
Grade: C

Guys With Kids
Episodes Watched: 3
Mix of Snap Judgment and Careful Evaluation: This is another show I think would be better suited on a network like Nickelodeon or TV Land or ABC Family. In fact, ABC Family could pair Guys With Kids with the Three Men and a Baby rip off they’ve currently got and make it men-with-babies hour. Here’s the thing, though- I kind of like Guys With Kids. Zach Cregger is actually very funny, Anthony Anderson is good at being broad and loveable, and Jesse Bradford is also there. Nah, he has his humorous moments too, but he’s very much the straight guy in their group of misfit dads. I won’t be heartbroken when this gets cancelled,  but it’s fun enough that I’ll watch it when I’ve got a spare half hour.
Grade: C+

Last Resort
Episodes Watched: 1 (though that will be changing tonight)
Snap Judgment:
I don’t think I’ve said this enough- I loved this pilot. It was like a little mini-movie, and a well-done one at that. That final speech- “Test us, and we will all burn together”- just crazy enough indeed! Plus, Scott Speedman looks good in a uniform! But, all we’ve got to go on right now is the pilot, and as awesome as it was, the show itself could easily be sucky. We’ll find out tonight. I doubt it, mind you- I’m pretty sure it’s going to keep being awesome. My one concern is the way-too-young-to-be-Scott-Speedman’s-wife Jessy Schram back in the States and how they handle her. I assume she knows nothing of why they were given the orders in the first place, subsequently attacked, and probably has no idea where Sainte Marina is on a map (if it were a real place, that is), so I don’t want too much focus on her. I think she’s supposed to remind us that the soldiers are humans with families and loved ones back home; I just don’t want them to use her as an emotionally manipulative tool, where when we see her, we know something big is about to happen to Scott Speedman’s character. I realize this show isn’t going float everyone’s boat, but it’s right up my alley. I can’t wait for 8/7c tonight!
Grade: A

And, last but not least:

Episodes Watched: 1
Snap Judgment: I liked it. Johny Lee Miller is fantastic as Holmes, and Lucy Liu is good as Jane Watson. I thought they had good chemistry; I liked the COW (case of the week). I think their shooting style is cool during the COW scenes. It’ll be interesting watching Holmes and Watson grow on each other and form that classic bond. And, thankfully, the showrunners have said there will be no will-they-won’t-they back and forth with these two. It will simply be a pure friendship. I guess my only complaint is that I didn’t feel the show was really that special. It reminds me a lot of The Mentalist, probably because Simon Baker’s character is very Holmes-ian. But even if it is just a COW show, it’s a good one- maybe not watch live/right away, but definitely worth DVR-ing.
Grade: A- (Final note: This is my guess for next full season pick up, since it did very well in the ratings.)

EDIT: I forgot to include Made in Jersey originally. Which I think says it all.

Made In Jersey
Episodes Watched:
Snap Judgment: Obviously, it’s very forgettable! Her accent is ridiculous- I realize the actress is English, but there’s no way a firm like that would take on a girl with that kind of accent. Everything was very boring and the acting is not so great. I mean, if you have nothing else to do on a Friday night, it’s not horrible background noise, but I wouldn’t invest in it much more than that.
Grade: C-

Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Avengers

So, as all good geeks know, this weekend was the release of the new Avengers movie. I was super excited for it. I loved the first Iron Man movie, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor. I liked the second Iron Man and Captain America, just not as much as the other movies. It was written and directed by Joss Whedon, and in case you don’t remember, I’m a fan girl of Whedon! I was hesitant about Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, since I’d really enjoyed Edward Norton, but was pleasantly surprised at how well he did in the role and fit in with the rest of the Avengers and the S.H.I.E.L.D. team. I was also pleasantly surprised at the Enver Gjokaj appearance as a cop, since I enjoyed him on both Dollhouse and Community.

I have only two complaints about the movie, and they are both slight. The first is that there could have been more Maria Hill. I’m probably biased because I like Cobie Smulders so much from How I Met Your Mother, but I feel like they set something up with her character and Captain America that they never followed up on. maybe it was a small set up that they mean to follow up with in the sequel; maybe I just read too much into a moment.

The second complaint I have to be vague about, because it’s a major plot point and I don’t want to spoil anything for people who plan on waiting to see the movie. Let’s just say that while I understand how this plot point was needed as a catalyst to the final act , I was personally disappointed since the plot point revolved around one of my favorite characters and an actor I really like. But they can make up for it in the sequel by featuring more Maria Hill!

Overall, I think they did a good job balancing the movie between set up and action, though I know some people feel they could have spent some less time on the floating fortress and more time fighting. Personally, I think the fighting went on long enough. It’s like Indoor Cat’s sister said after the movie, the fighting sequences felt very Whedonverse- start off strong, start to fail, push through, fail again a little, and then eventual success. I couldn’t stand much more of the back and forth when you know in the end they’re going to win. It’s really just a matter of how many casualties there may be along the way!!

Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Cabin in the Woods

So, this is a little late.

This weekend, I was an outdoor cat and went to see a movie I’ve been looking forward to for years: The Cabin in the Woods. I, like most entertainment geeks in this country, love Joss Whedon. I mean, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly, Toy Story- the man is a genius.

For once, I fought against every natural instinct of mine and did not read a single spoiler for the movie. I barely read reviews, I was so worried about spoilers. All I knew about the movie, I knew from the previews: a group of college kids go to a cabin in the woods where some weird shit starts happening, and we know it’s some kind of elaborate set up seemingly orchestrated by Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins. Oh, and Fred- er, Whiskey- er, Amy Acker is there.

So, I get to the movie and the opening credits start to roll- images of sacrifices over blood. This cements the plot of the movie for me, as the preview showed an intimidating backwoods dude saying, “The lambs have come to the killing floor.” In the trailer, this seems so ominous and dark; in the movie, it’s a hilarious scene. For a movie about human sacrifice, it was quite hilarious. Then again, I’d expect nothing less from the Whedonverse, as my introduction to it was Buffy, a show that showed a teenage girl nearly die on a weekly basis while delivering classic puns.

We’re quickly introduced to the characters, or should I say, stereotypes. Good girl, slutty girl, jock, brain, and pothead. Sure, we’re told in various ways throughout the movie that these simplistic terms do not define these characters in their reality, but this weekend, they do. Because the sacrifice requires certain archetypes be sacrificed in a certain order. The only thing that is uncertain is the way in which these characters will bite the dust.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so that’s about as far as I can go. I will say, I ended up having an incredibly disturbing dream that night, and I never get freaked out by movies. Not enough to have bad dreams, at least. While I’m not thrilled with the ending- I feel it’s missing a basic sense of logic and humanity- I still really enjoyed the movie. Definitely worth the trip outdoors.

Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Happiness

There are two things in the world making me happy today.

The first is last night’s BRILLIANT episode of Community.

Based on one of my favorite shows of all time, Law & Order, last night’s Community centered on the gang trying to solve the case of the smashed sweet potato, Pam the yam. Because it rhymes. All the aspects that made Law & Order Law & Order were present in the show- the opening with the janitors finding the “body,” the doink doinks, the puns (both bad and good), the trench coats, the friendship AND hostility between the cops and lawyers, the “twist” in the whodunit that the viewer figures out as soon as the real culprit is shown on screen. It was one of the most amazing homages (is that the right for the plural of homage?) I’ve ever seen, and Community has done a lot of homagi.

My absolute favorite part is the spot-on opening credits. The way the creatives at Community were able to turn their theme song into such an accurate recreation of the real Law & Order theme song just floored me. I didn’t even realize it until halfway through, and then had to rewind to hear it from the start.

Other rewind-worthy moments: the always scene-stealing Leslie Hendrix as the M.E. of Pam the yam, especially when noting that Pam was about to bloom and Troy’s reaction; Professor Kane giving the news about Starburns at the end- literally gasped at that moment, even though I knew from spoiler blogs that someone was going to die this season, and finally, the Dean’s song to Troy and Abed during the final tag. It was simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. If someone sang me that song using that voice, I would NOT be going to sleep EVER AGAIN!

Now, for the second thing making me happy today (albeit a little sad too): Fringe was renewed for a fifth season! Fifth and final, though, thus the sadness. I’m just pleased that the Powers That Be saw fit to allow the great minds at Fringe to have 13 more episodes to explain a little bit more, wrap things up for these beloved characters, and give some closure for the fans. I have no doubt the final thirteen episodes will be utterly amazing, given how amazing the entire show has been.

Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Supernatural

And now for the first important post! (Quick side note: some of these posts will be posted from my iPad, which has a hard time keeping up with my typing speed. Please assume all errors are because of this!!)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been into the supernatural. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, zombies, monsters, heck, even non-supernaturals but still creepy serial killers fascinated me (not in a creepy way, in a how could they do that kind of way!)- any big bad you can think of, I was into it. I’d read books, see movies, watch shows about these big bads. One of my favorite movies is Shaun of the Dead- zombies (though we’re not using the zed word), humor, British accents, and Simon Pegg. How could you not love it?

Because of my love of zombies, two Halloweens ago I decided what better way to spend the vending than watching the super creepy looking show, The Walking Dead? A month or so ago when the second season ended, after I picked my jaw up off the floor from the action and character-development packed hour, I decided I needed more. I needed to know ore about the walkers,the survivors, this post-apocalyptic world where the dead didn’t stay dead. So, I did what any geek-lite girl would do and bought the graphic novels.

I wasn’t sure I was actually going to into them, since I haven’t read atomic since I was a kid. I bought the first five paperback volumes, thinking those would keep me entertained on my way to and from Chicago last weekend, when I went to visit my best friend. The books came a couple weeks earlier than my trip, and I couldn’t completely resist, so I tore through the first one. As anyone who has read them will know, you can’t really stop there. Robert Kirkman does a sickeningly good job making you want more. I resisted until the day I left for Chicago, but finished volumes 2 and 3 on the airplane, and got halfway through volume 4 while waiting for the el train.

Thankfully my best friend and her husband are awesome people who took me to a Barnes and Noble so that I could buy more. They only had 6,7, and 8, but that turned out to perfect- I finished volume 8 minutes before the plane landed back in Omaha. Of course, now I’m back in torture mode, waiting for that Amazon box with 9-15 to arrive. Even then, I’ll have to be disciplined and wait a few more weeks to read them, because I’m planning to use them as a source of entertainment on my way out to Wyoming at the end of May.

I knew I’d need a soft landing pad after being deep into The Walking Dead for a while. Luckily, one of my other favorite shows has been airing recently: Being Human (BBC version, of course. The accents and all!!). Unfortunately for me, it’s just a compelling and enthralling as The Walking Dead,which means I tore through it as well!

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it is about three supernaturals- a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire- sharing a house together. The three form a little family of their own, learning to be on the outside of humanity without losing their humanity. The last season ended with a major change in the group dynamic, and I was eager to see how they show would transition. While there have been rough patches and hokey moments, in my opinion, they’ve done a good job adding in new characters and shifting the focus of the show.

I watched the finale this weekend, and as usual, wasn’t disappointed. If anything, I was sad for the journey to end, to be out of that world. The same way I felt when The Walking Dead ended. And that’s the amazing thing about these shows and TWD novels- they create worlds and characters that are so full and rich, that when the season or volume ends, you want more. You want to see how your favorites continue on and grow, how they adjust to the changes around them, how they retain their humanity in an increasingly human-less world.

So, there ya go. My first rant about something geeky. Definitely not the last. And hey, at least I have (a measly) 6 episodes of Eureka to help satiate my sci-fi cravings until I can figure out what to watch next!!

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