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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Indoor Cat

Hi, I’m Indoor Cat. I’m not really a cat, FYI; cats don’t tend to start blogs. They’re heavily featured on blogs, especially when doing ridiculous or adorable things, but they tend not to be the blogger. I’m actually a 26yo girl from Omaha, Nebraska.

So, I’m an indoor cat because I don’t like to go outside a ton. I mean, I’m not a hermit or recluse or anything; I’m just a girl who prefers to stay inside and watch tv or movies or read books or listen to music or occasionally play video games. I don’t love crowds, loud noises, the smell of cigarette smoke, or dealing with rude people or bad drivers. And actually, I’m not really a huge cat person. They’re all right, but I like dogs a bit more.

So, this blog is for me to give my opinions on the things that interest me. They tend to be geeky things, or I put a geeky amount of thought into them, but basically, I’m a bit of a geek. And not even the new, cool, hip geek. I’m a socially awkward, over analyzing, people-look-at-me-funny kid of geek. I’ll be posting my geeky thoughts about geeky things at least once a week. Besides the aforementioned interests, I’ll also post travel blogs when I go on vacation, and photos I take that I think are cool enough for sharing. So, that’s me. Nice to meet you!


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