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So, I had to travel for work a couple weeks back, and I’ve been swamped this week- plus actually had Outdoor Cat plans twice this week- and it’s amazing how quickly I’ve fallen behind on TV watching! So. Far. Behind. It’s sad really, pathetic, considering TV is one of my best friends (it’s a one-sided relationship, but what can ya do…)

So, some stuff is good, some stuff is bad, some stuff is boring, some stuff is awesome. This Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife looks like it’s going to be awesome, FYI. If you’re into that show. (Which, since I know all four of you readers, I know half of you are!) Other good stuff- Trophy Wife was pretty good this week, if not exactly original. Same for Back in the Game. I guess I don’t care if the plots are particularly original if the story-telling is still good. The Walking Dead ended with a huge “what the damn hell?” that I’m hoping we get some insight into this week. And HIMYM continues to be ridiculous, and not in a fun, zany way, just in a “what the damn hell?” kind of way. Some parts were really good, some parts were… well, were about Marshall. 😦

But really, the two big things I’ve learned this week, are

1) That Bingo really is the most fun game EVER, but is horrible for a depressive like me to play, because I’ll get to close to winning and get so hopeful and then be crushed over and over and over every time I lose. Hope is dumb. Hope is just  a fancy way of saying lying to yourself. 😀

2) The new movie About Time may be one of my favorite movies. Starring Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, and Domnhall Gleeson (son of Brendan Gleeson, who rules, and portrayer of Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter movies), and written and directed by Richard Curtis (he who brought us Love, Actually, Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral), About Time is the story of Tim, who finds out after his 21st birthday that he can travel through time. All the males in his family have this gift, though there are certain rules, mostly that you can only travel back in time (of course, once back in time, you can jump forward back to where you left off, if that makes sense. It does to me!) Mostly simply, you can’t go back to a time before you existed and make changes, like “kill[ing] Hitler or shag[ging] Helen of Troy.” There was also a rule where you can’t jump back to a place you’d never been, but that just means you can’t immediately jump there- like if you’ve never been to Rome, you can’t jump there, but you can jump back to wherever you were last month, and then choose to travel to Rome if you so wish.

Tim decides to use this extraordinary to find love. And after crashing and burning with his sister’s friend, he find love in the form of Rachel McAdams. Why she felt the need to be in yet another time travel romance movie is beyond me, but I *think* it was to make up for The Time Traveler’s Wife, so good for her. They have a great meet-cute in a pitch black restaurant, only for him to undo it to jump back and help his dad’s friend’s play have a better premiere! Luckily, he uses the information he learned about her to orchestrate another meet-cute, and another, and another, until it finally goes right. The previews make it safe for me to tell you that they fall in love and end up getting married and having a baby and all is well and good until he finds out the next rule of time travel- you can’t go back to before your child was born and make changes, because then you’ll end up coming back to a different kid!

The time travel is honestly the least important part of the movie, though. It’s a movie all about love, actually. (Ha, see what I did there?) It’s about finding romantic love, and about the love you have for your friends and family, and the connections you make to people. It’s about appreciating your life, especially in the little moments, about seeing the beauty and appreciating the kindness and reveling in victories and accepting the losses. It’s just one giant, cozy, hug. Unless you’re dead inside, you will get verklempt at least once, but rightfully so.

It’s very British, as is Richard Curtis, and you all know how I love all things Anglo. It’s got great music, though I may be biased because I already had about a third of the songs on my phone. It might be a touch long, but that’s forgivable in the end, and probably preferable. I’d rather it have been too long and gotten more time with these characters and in this world than have felt cheated by too short a movie that rushed along.

I think About Time comes out November 1st.

(A side note for the readers in Omaha (which is all of you- ha!)- The Majestic is a really nice theatre! It used to be the 20 Grand, and had totally started feeling run down, but it’s undergone a change and is now the Marcus Majestic and it’s really nice. It has a very adult-feel to it decor-wise, so I’m hoping it discourages people from bringing their kids! It’s got those recliners for seats, so it’s super comfy! Definitely worth checking out!)


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