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Another New Show Check In (Plus some news!)

News first:

Lucky 7 and We Are Men = cancelled.

Welcome to the Family = on life support (getting less than a 1.0 in the ratings, which is ABYSMAL) cancelled

Ironside = cancelled

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dads, Trophy Wife, and The Goldbergs = more scripts ordered, which means the networks are weighing their options before deciding whether to pick up the shows for a full season or not

Sleepy Hollow = renewed for a second season (this season and next will be 13-episode seasons)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Mom, The Millers, The Crazy Ones, and The Blacklist = full season orders

Brooklyn Nine-Nine= picked up for a full season AND given the post-Super Bowl spot

And where am I at with my 3-strike test?

Sleepy Hollow: DVR pass granted! While the episodes have varied in exciting-ness, Tom Mison has never varied in hotness. Plus he has good chemistry with Nicole Beharie, and even the episodes that start slow or lag a bit in the middle end up being good in the end.

Mom: DVR pass granted! The episodes keep getting better and better, and I think that around mid-season it’ll have really found its footing and voice.

The Blacklist: TBD- while the requisite number of episodes have aired, I have not felt the desire to watch them (which kinda tells you how I feel about the show, but I may eventually run out of things to watch and go ahead and check them out. IF only I could convince to hire me so I could get paid to watch TV!)

Hostages: TBD- See The Blacklist.

Dads: STRIKE OUT! This is a horrible show. Offensive to some, and just not funny overall, which is what I find offensive.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: DVR pass granted! The second episode was a little iffy, but every other episode has been fairly hilarious.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: DVR pass granted- for now! The stories are a bit… dull-ish, if we’re being honest, but I think it’s still finding itself. Frankly, the first few episodes of Buffy were also not the greatest. This one needs a little longer to prove/dis-prove itself.

The Goldbergs: Hulu-follow granted! Not good enough to waste DVR space on, but decent enough that when I’ve run out of other things to watch/listen to, it doesn’t suck. High praise, I know.

Trophy Wife: DVR pass granted! There was little doubt it would end up this way- I like Malin Ackerman, I LOVE Bradley Whitford, I like Michaela Watkins and Marcia Gay Harden, I like the chemistry between all the characters, especially Warren and Bert, and I just think it’s cute. I think it would do better paired with Modern Family, but once Super Fun Night flames out, ABC’ll probably move it over. I think they should ditch Meg, the BFF, because she adds nothing to the show and this last episode focusing on her and Kate was by far the worst, but otherwise it’s a very cute show.

Back in the Game: DVR pass granted! Again, there was really no doubt about this one. I love Maggie Lawson, I love baseball. I think it’s very cute (even if it’s not very original in the plot-lines).

Super Fun Night: STRIKE OUT! I mean, duh. The horrible accent. The horrible fat jokes (of which there are plenty, despite what the star/show runners say). The only thing is that it was actually pretty cute with the the three boy neighbors- they balance things out, even if they’re also weirdos. It’s like the loser version of Friends with them, and a much better show. I say, to have the show continue, ditch the work/work crush angle and focus on the new friendships between the boy weirdos and our leading ladies. But really, I say do the world  a favor and yank it before Liza Lapira’s reputation gets further tarnished.

The Michael J. Fox Show: STRIKE OUT! While others may be into it, I just don’t find it very humorous.

The Crazy Ones: TBD. See The Blacklist.

How’s the new season stacking up for you, dear four readers?

*edited 5:30 Fri 2013-10-18 due to some late breaking news.


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One thought on “Another New Show Check In (Plus some news!)

  1. While I am saddened by the passing of Welcome to the Family, I am feeling a bit of relief about The Trophy Wife sticking around. I have to agree that the BFF is a bit awkward, they need to give her something else to do than just being a tag along/grumpy-because-her-best-friends -life-has-changed person. Thanks for the updates!

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