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Week One of Fall TV

So, the first week is nearly over. How do you feel? A little dizzy? Need to sit down? Go ahead, it’s okay. There were a lot of emotions this week- between Bones processing Booth calling off their engagement to actually finding Andy Samberg funny and tolerable to losing your head for Sleepy Hollow‘s Tom Mison and his ridiculous hotness- it’s a lot to get through. Thankfully for you, I’m here to help.

So, hopefully you either don’t care about these shows or have actually watched them, because I’m here (a day early, technically, since The Neighbors and other shows I don’t really care about come back tonight, but oh well) to discuss what went well this week, and what didn’t so much.

Bones kicked off the new season of fall TV, and what a kick it was- a kick to the heart! Bones, having finally felt a human emotion, proposed to Booth at the end of last season (after rejecting many of his proposals, btw). However, thanks to the Big Bad of last season, serial-killer/expert hacker/basic psychopath Pelant, Booth quickly called off the engagement without explaining the why of it all to Bones (lest Pelant kill 5 random people). So, Bones is over in this corner, not understanding what happened, just feeling hurt; Booth is over in that corner, feeling guilty for hurting Bones, wanting to tell her the truth but not wanting any more lives on his hands, purposely distancing himself because it’s too hard for him to be around her and not tell her the truth, and in between the two are all their friends/co-workers, sticking their noses in, taking sides, trying to get Booth to explain why he called off the engagement. But in the end, thanks to Booth’s buddy, and ex-priest, Bones sees the light and realizes that even if she can’t know why right now, Booth must have a good reason, and gives him the benefit of the doubt. Heartstrings are pulled; we are the audience are glad they’re sticking together, and just as they kiss…

The clock on their microwave flashes, letting us know that Pelant is still out there, and is keeping his digital eyes/ears on the couple! Gulp. Can’t wait for this guy to be caught. Seriously. If you think about someone like him existing in real life, it’s terrifying.

But you know what’s worse than a cyber-terrorist who can edit video to make it look like you murdered someone, and then spies on your every waking moment? Death. Specifically death brought about by getting your dang head lobbed off! Or so Sleepy Hollow would have us think. Of course, I was too busy getting lost in Tom Mison’s (aka Ichabod Crane) eyes to notice that creepy headless dude with the creepy white horse with the creepy red eyes (the horse has the creepy red eyes, not the horseman, since the horseman is, as I mentioned previously, headless). If you liked Fringe, odds are good you’ll dig Sleepy Hollow.  It’s got the same tone, similar music, similar shooting styles. Heck, the pilot even has one person getting another person out of a loony bin. Fun times. And that ending- whoa. I won’t go into detail in case one of you four readers hasn’t watched yet, but dang. Talk about creepshows. That thing is nightmare material.

Thankfully I only had to have bad dreams for one night, because FOX’s Tuesday comedy lineup knocked the scared right out of me. First Dads attempted to offend me, but really just bored me. It wasn’t AS horrible as all the critics made it sound, so that was nice, but I didn’t laugh or chuckle a single time- except for a preview for next week’s episode. Giovanni Ribisi is in the fridge, because he’s high, and Seth Green opens the door, and GR says “Nooooooo” in a really funny way. (I think you had to be there…) I may give it another shot, just to see if the writing improves, but I doubt it. Seth MacFarlane writers only know certain styles of jokes, and they’ve gotten fairly lazy about them on all their shows, so I don’t expect Dads to be different. (Yes, I’m saying Family Guy isn’t as funny as it used to be. Deal with it.)

Luckily, Brooklyn Nine-Nine exceeded my expectations. Besides some niggles with the supporting cast (for someone who’s supposed to be super negative, Diaz sure is about to laugh and/or smiling all the time, and Linetti’s voice is very grating), I was actually very pleased! I though Andy Samberg was funny, Andre Braugher was, as always, the bomb, Melissa Fumero (Santiago) has good chemistry with Samberg, and Terry Crews was hilarious. I hope it stays strong and passes my three-strike test!

New Girl, on the other hand, is lucky I don’t have a three-strike test for returning shows. The premiere was not great. It was definitely not as good as the season 2 premiere where Jess brags that she didn’t laugh at Vaj Rejuv’s name once in the two months she was teaching him in summer school! No, the premiere focused on Nick and Jess running away to Mexico, Schmidt trying to balance CeCe and Elizabeth, and Winston trying to do a puzzle and being weird about it. However, they didn’t really tell any of these stories that well. It all felt very rushed, and while there were a few great one-liners or entire bits, overall the episode fell flat. Still, a bad episode of New Girl is better than most of the crapfest that is TV right now.

Speaking of crapfests, The Mindy Project’s premiere wasn’t one! Shocking, I know. I know I’ve written about this before, but I was pleasantly surprised at how tolerable the premiere was. Mindy wasn’t nearly as annoying as usual; Morgan was annoying the majority of the time, as always, but had a great bit at the end where he impersonated Bane from The Dark Knight Rises; there was a nurse I don’t remember who wasn’t very funny but called Mindy “Splodge” or something like that, which I found entertaining. Danny was, as always, adorable in his crankiness. It was cute enough- not enough to make me want to give the show another chance, but good enough.

Hopefully The Neighbors starts off strong; and then next week is the big’n! So many shows. HIMYM, Law & Order: SVU, Castle, Trophy Wife and Back in the Game (I know I’ve already watched the pilots, but I’m excited to see the ratings the next day), Parks and Rec, Glee, Parenthood, Masterchef Junior and more! Big week. Busy week. So much TVs. So. Much. TVs.


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