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Welcome to the Family

Three posts in a single day!!!! Suck it, other bloggers. (Really, I’m just making up for my many, many months of silence.)

So, earlier today I told you that The Mindy Project‘s season premiere was up on Hulu; also on Hulu today are the premieres of Welcome to the Family and Ironside.

I’ve watched the premiere of Welcome to the Family, and I gotta tell ya, it might not be spectacular, but I like it.

Quick recap: It’s the story of boy knocking up girl and their two families coming together because of the baby.

A bit of a deeper background: It’s graduation day for Molly and Junior. Molly’s parents, Dan and Caroline (Mike O’Malley and Mary McCormack), are ecstatic Molly actually graduated- a bit of a ditz/dimwit, it could’ve gone either way for Molly. They’re psyched she made it through high school and even got accepted into ASU, even if it is a party school. Junior’s parents, Chuey and Lisette (Ricardo Chavira and Justina Machado) on the other hand, are ecstatic that their mathlete, model U.N. son is valedictorian. As Junior steps up to give his speech, he gets a message from his girlfriend Molly- she’s pregnant.

Before Molly tells her parents, they’re looking forward to a child-free life, taking about getting in shape, getting down a little more often, etc. Dan even decides to use a coupon for a free introductory session at a boxing gym. The gym owner, though, it a complete dick to him, talking about how he sees yuppies like Dan come in all the time, they get their free session and then never come back again. The owner doesn’t want to waste his time, so Dan, pissed off, leaves.

Why is this important? Because Chuey is the gym dick, of course! So of course they’re not only upset that their children have an unplanned pregnancy, and that Junior is deferring his acceptance to Stanford to go to UCLA, and that Molly is deferring her acceptance to ASU in order to work at a local body piercing shop, but also that they each think the other is big ol’ dickhead. The women, though also disappointed, are at least trying to get along and make their men act like men instead of whiny little boys.

There’s a fun, though predictable, complication at the end of the pilot that I think will add a few layers to the story rather than just focusing on these two families coming together for their children and grandchild. I’m wondering if the writers are a fan of one of my favorite movies, because the sequel used the same twist and if they are, I’m expecting a lot of sighing, collar loosening, and grocery store freak outs from O’Malley. (Though technically the epic grocery store freak out is from the first movie, not the sequel, but still…)

There’s heart for sure; I love Mary  McCormack, Ricardo Chavira and Mike O’Malley, and I’m excited to get to know their characters, and the other characters, more. McCormack and O’Malley have good chemistry, and the little we saw of Chavira and Justina Machado was enticing as well. There’s good rapport between all of them, and you can tell that these families will eventually learn to love each other, even if they never truly like each other.

Check out the pilot for yourself below, or on Hulu.


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