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Fall TV: Mondays

Another night with a fair amount of new programming, so let’s get straight to it:

AT 8:30/7:30c, we have We Are Men on CBS. Following HIMYMWe Are Men follows four men living in an apartment complex known for it’s divorced dudes population. It focuses on one recently single dude, Carter, as he moves in and meets a group of men he can form a bromance with to help him move forward with his life.

NOTABLE FACES: Tony Shalhoub, who I welcome back to my screen (but it slightly bums me out he’s in this because it reminds me that the remake of Friday Night Dinner didn’t work out, and since I find that show hilarious, that bums me out); Jerry O’Connell (for his sake, I hope this show hits, because I found both Carpoolers and The Defenders hilarious, but both were axed after a single season, and he deserves a break); and Kal Penn, my  Indian boyfriend, who I would love to see on a weekly basis (I was so sad when he killed himself on House, but was also impressed that it was so that he could go work at the White House in real friend. He’s crazy smart, y’all!)

UP AGAINSTDancing with the Stars (with a remarkably recognizable cast for once!) (ABC); Hart of Dixie (The CW); Bones (FOX); The Voice (NBC)

Moving on to 9/8c, FOX has a new drama, Sleepy Hollow, that intrigues me. Ichabod Crane is theoretically killed by the Headless Horseman, but thanks to his witchy lady love, is put into the world’s longest coma and wake up in the 21st Century, only to find that the Headless Horseman is still around. And is actually one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Because why not?

NOTABLE FACES: Tom Mison, who isn’t a notable face Stateside yet but will be after this, even if it flops, because he’s hot and British; Orlando Jones; and my Korean boyfriend John Cho! (Thank goodness this isn’t airing at 8/7c, or Harold and Kumar would be fighting over ratings, and no best friends should have to fight over ratings!)

Back over on CBS, following 2 Broke Girls, at 9:30/8:30c, is Mom, which is about a single mom 12-stepping her way through life, who was screwed up by her own alcoholic, druggie mom. It looks pretty funny, actually, in a broad way. I like the actors and think they have pretty good chemistry, so I’m hoping this lives up to the trailer.

NOTABLE FACES: Ana Faris as Christy, the single mom; Alison Janney as the mom who screwed her up; French Stewart (a weak point from what I can tell based on the trailer) as Christy’s boss; and Nate Corddry as Christy’s sleazy boyfriend (or so the trailer made it seem)

UP AGAINST: Dancing with the Stars (ABC); Beauty and the Beast (The CW); The Voice (NBC)

Finally, in the 10/9c hour, there are two new dramas.

CBS hoping to captivate us with Hostages, about a family who is held hostage (shocker, based on the title), so that the matriarch of the family will kill the president of the United States, upon whom she is scheduled to do open heart surgery. It sounds intriguing, and looks intriguing, but how long can the suspense be held and how many plot twists will we have to endure? I thought The Following on Fox sounded like a great idea last year, but it quickly devolved into utter ridiculousness.

NOTABLE FACES: Toni Collette as the mom; Tate Donovan as the dad; Dylan McDermott as the main hostage-taker

Then on NBC is The Blacklist, starring James Spader as the most wanted criminal in the US, who for unknown reasons decides to turn himself in and help the FBI catch the other most wanted criminals, most of whom he’s worked with. The catch is that he requests to work with a specific agent, and it’s her first day in the field! I’m sure we’re supposed to spend the whole hour wondering why did he choose that particular agent (the trailer certainly asks it enough times), and I’m sure it’ll be because it’s either a) his daughter, b) the daughter of his ultimate enemy, or c) the daughter of the woman he loved but couldn’t be with since his life was too unsafe as a criminal. If it’s not one of those three, I will actually be shocked.

NOTABLE FACES: Spader, obviously; Harry Lennix (who I know from Dollhouse)




Dancing with the Stars (ABC, premieres 9/16)
How I Met Your Mother/We Are Men (CBS, premiere 9/23 and 9/30)
Hart of Dixie (The CW, premieres 10/7)
Bones (FOX, premieres 9/16)
The Voice (NBC, premieres 9/23)


Dancing with the Stars (ABC, premieres 9/16)
2 Broke Girls/Mom (CBS, both premiere 9/23)
Beauty and the Beast (The CW, premieres 10/7)
Sleepy Hollow (FOX, premieres 9/16)
The Voice (NBC, premieres 9/23)


Castle (ABC, premieres 9/23)
Hostages (CBS, premieres 9/23)
The Blacklist (NBC, premieres 9/23)

P.S. This is another scheduled wonky night, where even though Bones is premiering here, once baseball is finished, it will move to Friday nights, and a new show, Almost Humanwill replace it. I’ll post thoughts on that show closer to its actual premiere date.


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