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Fall TV: Graveyard Shift, aka Friday Nights

Commonly referred to as the death night, it’s uncommon to premiere a NEW show in a Friday night timeslot right out of the gate. It’s more common to wait until it fails, then shift it over quietly. Of course, tv execs like to pretend it’s not the night TV goes to die, but the instances of a show being as successful on a Friday night as it was on another night are rare.

However, it’s a little easier to do when the show is meant to be fluffier than a lemon meringue pie, so it’s not surprising/risky for FOX to be premiereing Masterchef Junior on Fridays at 8/7c. The fluffiest of fluff, it’s Masterchef for kids (which seems to be a trend now, since Food Network just started airing Rachel vs Guy: Kid Cook Off or something like that. No idea when it airs. I can’t stand Rachel Ray. Or Guy Fieri, really.)

It looks entertaining enough- instead of yelling at the kids, it looks like Gordon Ramsay is going to be a bit more helpful and even nearly kind, acting more like a mentor should act. Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich are also going to be on in more of a mentor-y role than a judge-y role, I believe. PS, those are the NOTABLE FACES since this is a reality show starring kids, and unless you happen to know one of the children, there’s not really anyone else to note.

UP AGAINST: Last Man Standing/The Neighbors (ABC); Undercover Boss (CBS); The Carrie Diaries (The CW); Dateline NBC (I’m not sure what network that airs on…)

Nothing new in the 9/8c hour: Shark Tank (ABC); Hawaii Five-O (CBS); America’s Next Top Model (The CW); Grimm (NBC), plus FOX will be airing repeats- Sleepy Hollow if it lasts, something else if it doesn’t

The other school of thought on what’s okay to air on Fridays is sci-fi leaning shows. Fringe especially wrecked people’s expectations of what a show on a Friday night could do, and I think for awhile The CW was airing some of its superhero-y, sci-fi-y shows on Friday and they did well (not that doing well on The CW means anything, because we’re talking about audiences of around 12 people). But, I think NBC is hoping for sci-Fridays to work for them, because they’re showing Dracula at 10/9c. Obviously, that’s not really sci-fi per se, but like I said, the theory is sci-fi leaning shows- monsters, horror, whatever, let’s shove it on Fridays.

Huge *SPOILER ALERT*: Dracula is about a vampire named Dracula. I know, I know- that’s shocking. The official description is that Dracula is resurrected in 19th century London and seeks revenge against those who cursed him with immortality centuries earlier. And he meets a new chick that looks exactly like One True Love, so there’s that.

NOTABLE FACES: Jonathan “What do you mean I need to look fat to play King Henry? I just thought I’d get to boink a lot of girls and spread disease like the real King Henry…” Rhys Meyers.

(While my sis may be excited for this show, in case you can’t tell, I’m not. It looks dreadful. No amount of British accents could make this okay.)

UP AGAINST: 20/20 (ABC); Blue Bloods (CBS); Haven (SyFy)



Last Man Standing/The Neighbors (ABC, both premiere 9/20)
Undercover Boss (CBS, premieres 9/27)
The Carrie Diaries (The CW, premieres 10/25)
Masterchef Junior (FOX, premieres 9/27)
Dateline NBC (NBC, premieres 9/27)


Shark Tank (ABC, premieres 9/20)
Hawaii Five-O (CBS, premieres 9/27)
America’s Next Top Model (The CW, premiered 8/2)
Sleepy Hollow encores (FOX)
Grimm (NBC, premieres 10/25)


20/20 (ABC, premieres 9/6)
Blue Bloods (CBS, premieres 9/27)
Dracula (NBC, premieres 10/25)
Haven (SyFy, premieres 9/13)


P.S.- After baseball ends, there will be some shifting in the Fox schedule. New episodes of Bones will theoretically air at 8/7c (replacing Masterchef Junior) and new episodes of Raising Hope and newbie Enlisted will air at 9/8c. I’ll give a review of Enlisted closer to the switchover, but it’s got three hot dudes in army uniforms, so, yeah, it’s gonna be a favorable review. Plus it looks a little quirky and zany with heart, which is how I like my comedy.

P.P.S.– I say theoretically to Bones moving to Fridays because it’s been threatened for… well, let’s see, Bones is entering its 9th season, so… for about 9 years now. It’s aired on every night of the week except Fridays, and usually something else gets cancelled and Bones ends up staying put. Of course, this year, the only thing that can really get cancelled to prevent Bones from moving is Sleepy Hollow (Mondays, 9/8c) and since I’m cautiously optimistic about it based on the trailer and clips I’ve seen, I think this might be the year Bones really does move to Fridays.  


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3 thoughts on “Fall TV: Graveyard Shift, aka Friday Nights

  1. You have to wonder if there isn’t some exec. sitting in Hollywood hoping against hope for a return to the TGIF magic of the early to mid 90’s? I feel like they all want that to happen again, but since they fail to advertise it, it is just the sad place that (some) good shows go to die. The biggest bummer is the shifting of the Neighbors, and if I read it right, Raising Hope to the island of misfit shows. Great reviews (through the whole week) keep up the awesome job!

    • Man, I miss TGIF.

      Yeah, I’m bummed The Neighbors and Raising Hope were shifted to Friday; I’m hoping they can do well enough to survive. The good thing is that expectations are lowered for Friday performers, so even if the numbers drop, they still might be good enough for more seasons. Of course, those shows were on the bubble anyway, so the magic 8 ball says outlook not so good.

      I’m REALLY hoping that when other new shows fail, these shows get bumped up from the graveyard shift and get another chance in true primetime.

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