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The Goldbergs

So, I was just lamenting the lack of pilots to preview, and voila, 3 appeared on Hulu. I am magic.

The three available pilots are Back in the GameThe Goldbergs, and Trophy Wife. I gave you, dear four readers, my opinions on the last two yesterday, and my Wednesday review, which will include Back in the Game, will be out later today.

I decided to watch The Goldbergs first, because I was listening to it while at work, and wanted something I didn’t really care about and want to pay attention to!

Here’s my review from yesterday before seeing anything more than a few promos for the show:

“Set in the 80s, based on creator Adam F. Goldberg’s life, it’s about a kid and his dysfunctional family, who yell everything all the time and are very in-your-face. The main kid (Adam) follows his family around with a video camera all the time. It’s just… not funny looking at all. Not one bit.
NOTABLE FACES: George Segal as the grandpa, Jeff Garlin as the dad, and Wendi-McLendon-Covey as the mom”

Well, while not nearly as horrible as I expected, I can’t say my opinion is much changed after having seen the pilot. I still think all they do is yell a lot; I think the story was a little weak- Grandpa doesn’t want to give up his license even after putting his grandchildren at risk, the middle child just turned 16 and wants a car real bad, and the youngest (Adam) wants to touch a boob. It was bad, but it wasn’t BAD. I mean, I did make it through the entire first episode.

I’m wondering, though, if I’m hesitant to call it bad because I thought the pilot of The Neighbors last year was just awful, but it ended up becoming my second favorite new show of last season (R.I.P. Go On!). But, I feel like The Goldbergs is not The Neighbors. I don’t think it’ll be something that I instantly find hilarious in the second episode; I think it’s going to rely on its 80s shtick a bit much, and I just don’t feel the familial chemistry between the characters. It’s just… bland. It’s not offensive; your life won’t be worse off for watching it, but it definitely won’t be better for having watched it. It’ll just be 22 minutes of your life that were mediocre.

(As always, final judgments are reserved until after the 3 strikes period, which begins with episode 2, since pilots are not always indicative of the quality of the show  in the end.)

I’ll watch Back in the Game and Trophy Wife later tonight and will post my thoughts on those later. Fingers crossed for both; they’re two of the few that I’m optimistic about this year!


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