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Just found out horrible news…

Not in the grand scheme of things, of course, but in the short, one of my favorite shows is about to get immensely sucky kind of ways:

Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are both leaving Parks and Recreation. 

For my reaction to this, please reference this:


QUICK NOTES (since I’m so horribly out of date, but am hoping to start posting reguarly again):

-Corey Monteith: Man that’s sad, and such an absolute waste. It’s so sad to see someone so young die, and even more sad when it could have been avoided. His personal demons got the best of him, and of course (even though I find her ridiculously annoying), I hope Lea Michele, and Corey’s other friends and his family, are able to get the support and love they need to deal with such a loss.

Orphan Black and Tatiana Maslany weren’t  nominated for Emmys. Huge mistake. See this for my reaction:

-Summer shows I didn’t expect to watch but am kind of glad I am watching: Siberia and Whodunit?. The first is a scripted series about a group of reality show contestants in Siberia (hence the name) who are dealing with some messed up shit, both from the other contestants (destroying the food barn) and from some paranormal entities (a ghost dinosaur? Smoke monster 2.0? Dunno!). (Side note within a side note: For a great example of a scripted show based around a reality show, watch the BBC show Dead Set. It’s about zombies. Awesome.) Whodunit? is a real reality game show where the loser gets “killed of” at the end of the episode, and the next episode is spent solving their murder. (The first show had a fake contestant get killed). It’s so hokey, I can’t stop watching it!

-Summer show I expected to watch and wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it and, like, 5 episodes in am still not sure how I feel about it: Under the Dome. Some bits are real good. There’s some suspense and intrigue. Some parts are real bad. There’s girls with horrible luck, boring “action” and a police woman who might be the worst actress ever. 

Arrested Development season 4 was NOT as bad as everyone said. Was it different from the first three seasons? Yes. But I liked the intersecting, overlapping stories and how it all came together in the end. I’m not sure why Portia de Rossi looked so awful (very craggy in the face), and I hate that it ended in a very up in the air, unresolved kind of way. Boo. No. But do I hope for another season/movie? Yeah.

Orange Is the New Black is a good show. I watched it the weekend it came out. I liked it. Piper is a good, somewhat annoying but somewhat relatable character; the characters around her are pretty well flushed out, though we didn’t get into some of the backstories I was hoping to get to, but there’s always season 2 for that I suppose.

Final note: -VERONICA MARS! Movie has wrapped filming. A first look was released at SDCC. My reaction is pretty much the same as this:

TV Season starts up soon, so I’ll start being all critique-y and telling you 4 readers what to watch and what to avoid. Fun times. 


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