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Beginning Again- New and Improved, with more Rants!

Dear three readers,

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. It’s not like I haven’t had thoughts on entertainment- movies, TV shows, apps- it’s just that I haven’t had the time or, when I have had the time, the mental capacity to write anything.

Today, though, I became somewhat inspired by an article I read (found through another blog I sometimes read) about funding movies through Kickstarter. As I re-posted (over a month ago), the minds behind Veronica Mars were looking for average Joes and Janes to contribute our hard earned money so they could make a movie for us.

And that’s the key there- so they could make a movie FOR US. Yes, it’s for them as well- they love Veronica Mars just as much as, if not more than, we do. After all, they were the ones creating these characters and telling their stories. We just enjoyed them and related to them. But ultimately, if there was no fan interest, the movie wouldn’t be made. But, they gave us a voice, a way to prove that we truly are interested in seeing them continue their story, and that way was to contribute money. No one had a gun held to their head; no one threatened to kick our puppies if we didn’t open up our wallets. The worst that would happen is that the movie wouldn’t be made, and we’d have to watch the same 64 episodes we’ve been watching for years. It was our choice.

I, personally, chose to kick in money. A small but decent amount, but it also comes with perks like a blu-ray copy of the movie, a t-shirt, a PDF of the script. I would’ve ended up spending money on at least one of those things anyway, so why not give the money and feel like I contributed to something I care about? I’ll still give to the zoo and humane society and ASPCA and my college and diabetes research and Stand Up 2 Cancer and the Children’s Hospital as I do every year.

Now, a month or so later, the webernets is up in arms again judging the people contributing to Zach Braff’s Kickstarter project. I’ll admit, his rewards do show a lack of knowing what fans really want (ie a damn copy of the movie, even if it’s just a digital copy), but after watching his video, I decided to kick in some money. A much smaller amount than with VM, but that’s also because Zach Braff movies are fairly iffy for me. Garden State good, The Last Kiss meh, High Cost of Living snoozeville. But once again, I wanted to contribute to making a piece of entertainment, to giving Zach Braff and his brother Adam their voice.

Zach Braff says in his video that he could’ve secured the money through more traditional channels, but it would’ve meant giving up final cut, casting decisions, given the money guys the ability to rewrite key plot elements. This seems to be what’s sticking in people’s craw the most- that he could’ve had the people with tons of money give it to him for just a few sacrifices on his part, and then he wouldn’t have had to ask us commoners without tons of money to give some of it to him. While I can see their point- we all make sacrifices- I also say: Why not help someone keep their artistic integrity? Why NOT help someone avoid the sacrifices we all have to make?

Maybe it’s because I’m vaguely creative with a vaguely creative job and know what it’s like to have a vision for a project only to see it brought down by people needing to make their mark, have their input, cover their asses with legalese. Maybe it’s because I’m an entertainment junkie who loves good stories, and I think Zach Braff and Rob Thomas and Charlie Kaufman/Dan Harmon and Casey Wilson/June Diane Raphael (all rich, Hollywood people who make more money than I will see in a lifetime, but whose Kickstarter projects I’ve backed) will tell a good story.

Most importantly, I wonder, why do you, random person on the internet, care how I choose to spend my money? I don’t care if you spend yours solely on porn, Cheetos and video games, so why do you care if I spend mine on making movies through Kickstarter?


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