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This article perfectly encapsulates why I gave money to the Kickstarter campaign- I love Veronica Mars, and I wanted to be part of something, to contribute and help create something new from something, to bring a part of the (recent) past back.


VeronicaMars_SadSometime between 10:30 am Wednesday — when the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign was announced — and 11 am, something unfortunate, but perhaps inevitable, happened. People started getting kicked for kicking their money in.

What started off as a celebration of the impassioned TV fan turned into a condemnation of those who, I like to think, have a say in how their own money gets spent.

Hell, even I was left to feel “dirty” about writing a story about it, the outcry, criticisms and finger-wagging blogging came flowing so hard. But in the end, as I donated my $[SPOILER] just minutes before the tote board ticked past the important $2 million mark, I achieved peace with my pledge.

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Wouldn’t that money have been better donated to a charity?This was an early refrain from those who questioned this Kickstarter project…

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  1. Awesome that this is being made. What did you think of the Community episode last night? How are you feeling about Grey’s? Are you excited for the 100th episode of Psych next week (Clue theme for the win!)

  2. I think Community blows this season and is a shell of its former self.

    I think Grey’s is good, but not great. Definitely better than the Gizzie and Ghost Sex seasons, but I also feel a lot like it’s been there, done that territory in the relationship stories, and the buying the hospital thing was an obvious plot point for quite some time. I don’t know if Shonda is tired, but it’s starting to feel a little lazy. Though, I do like a couple of the newbies.

    Yes, I am excited for the 100th episode of Psych, and think that Psych was recaptured some of its earlier mojo this season, because all the episodes have been very fresh and funny.

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