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Not Dead Again!

Once again, I’ve fallen into the sucking black hole that is having too much work to do, and too little energy to do anything worthwhile while at home, so the blogging has, clearly, fell off a bit. Apologies, 3 readers!

So, where to start, where to start, SOOOO much to say.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first, shall we?

Last month, October 19th was finally upon us. Yes, if you remember my last blog post from way back when, I was excited for the return of my beloved Community, and kicking myself for having made plans for that night.

Well, turns out, it was totally okay to have plans that night. Not only was Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience (a 70-minute play of all 7 of the Harry Potter books) a HILARIOUS show- seriously, my cheeks and sides hurt from laughing so much!- but turns out the premiere of Community was somewhat lackluster. Oh, sure, it was nice to catch up with my old friends who I’ve missed dearly since last May, and the Hunger Deans was a fun spoof of Hunger Games, but overall I just felt underwhelmed. Then the Valloween episode was… underwhelming. The spoof of Scooby Doo was fun, and it was nice to see Gilbert again, but I was underwhelmed. A couple chuckles, no LOLs, and definitely haven’t felt the need to rewatch the episode multiple times.

But, then I thought to myself, ‘Well, with season 3 I wasn’t immediately impressed with the first three episodes. I didn’t feel the mojo was completely back until “Remedial Chaos Theory”, which was the 4th episode, so I’ll give myself until the 4th episode to pass judgment on the new Community.’

So, I had the Inspector Spacetime episode, and it was also chuckle a few times funny, but still underwhelming. There was just a spark missing, that je ne sais quoi just wasn’t there. But, again, I thought ‘Give it to the 4th episode.’

Well, last night was the 4th episode. I would love to tell you that it blew my mind like “Remedial Chaos Theory” did, or reminded me of why I’ve LOVED this show so dearly. I would so, so love to tell you that. Instead, I’ll tell you I chuckled a few times; I wished they’d been able to get Nick Kroll back instead of his character’s brother, and I went from watching that to re-watching my fave episode of The Neighbors, “The Gingerbread Man.” Seeing Larry Bird freak the crap out of the PTA mom with his robo-controlled gingerbread man and her freakout later at the soccer game is just TOO GOOD. Really, if you’re not watching The Neighbors, you’re missing out. Skip that god awful first episode- the humans move into a condo development and find out their neighbors are aliens from a place called Zabrovnia, there, saved ya 22 minutes of meh- and jump straight into the wry, dry, surprisingly heartfelt and yet often satirical awesomeoness that is The Neighbors.

So, in short, Community is fine, but not the community it once was; The Neighbors rules, and Potted Potter is hilarious.

Before I get back to work (sigh!), one last fun thing- this past weekend, I went to Evil Dead: The Musical at the Omaha Community Playhouse. So, so funny!! The movies are great- hokey and campy and fun- and the new Evil Dead movie looks super creepy (I’m rarely scared by horror movies, but I’m hoping this one will live up to the trailer and make me want to sleep with the lights on!). Evil Dead: The Musical is an experience unto itself. It follows the basic plot of Evil Dead, of course, but with awesome music. Hokey and campy and fun, for sure, but in a different way than the movie. The local actors did a great job, particularly the guy playing Ash and the girl playing Cheryl- who at time had an annoying shrill voice, but landed her jokes every single time. If you’re in the Omaha area, it’s playing at the Playhouse until March 17th, I believe.

And with that, I bid you adieu. I hope not to wait so long until my next post; I cheated a little and started my March book last night and am already over halfway done; I hope to finish it this weekend and then will be posting reviews of it and my February read sometime next week.

Have a great weekend, 3 readers!


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One thought on “Not Dead Again!

  1. Nice post. Welcome back. Agree that Neighbors is hilarious. Sadly, Community is now “After Community” to me.

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