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I am, in fact, alive!

I know my lack of posts since the new year would suggest otherwise, but, here I am alive and well-ish. I was in a car accident a couple weeks back that left me with whiplash, but otherwise all is well in the world of the Indoor Cat.

I’ve actually been keeping myself pretty busy between work and play. For work, I’m crazy stressed and have a few major projects going on right now, plus smaller ones that keep popping up over and over. This is the real reason I haven’t been posting lately. Don’t tell anyone, but I usually post from work, and so I really haven’t had time lately.

And what a shame, because I’ve been a busy little bee when it comes to shows and movies. I’ve done a few marathons lately- I caught up on Downton Abbey before the new year, and LOVE it! I think it’s well written, well acted, and I really get into the story lines. I have definitely have my favorites (Anna, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Carson, Sybil) and a few characters I HATE (Thomas and O’Brien, though she’s growing on me now that she’s a little softer around the edges and her nephew is around), and a few characters I keep going back and forth between liking and hating (Mary, Edith, Daisy, Isobel, etc.).  I think my BFF is happy I’ve finally caught up, because now we can talk about it. And I made my sister catch up, so she and I can talk about it. And I ordered the season pass from Amazon, so I’ll get the rest of the season on January29th, so I’m going to see if those girlies would like to join me to watch the final few episodes early so we don’t have to rely on notably unreliable DVRs.

Last weekend, I did a Homeland marathon. It was amazing, another really great show. The first season started a bit slow, but picked up a ton after Brody and Carrie go to her cabin. After that, it’s a bit of a whirlwind roller coaster ride of mistrust and deceit yet with hints of honesty. SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t watched any of it yet, but plans to someday. So, I spent the whole first season knowing the Brody was, in fact, a terrorist, which gives everything a very different feel than if I hadn’t known all along. I kept wondering, since I knew details about season 2, what made Brody change his mind about the attack at the end of the first season. SERIOUSLY, SPOILER ALERT, LOOK AWAY IF YOU EVER PLAN TO WATCH! Turns out, he DOESN’T change his mind! HE FLIPPED THE FREAKING SWITCH ON THE SUICIDE VEST! Thank goodness for faulty wiring! So then, the second season moves amazingly fast- it’s crazy to think how much has happened from the pilot to the second season finale. And I keep thinking, is Brody really innocent this time and being framed, or did he in fact do it? I mean, he had time to move the car; he made sure to get Carrie and himself away from the blast zone, and he DID help kill the VP, after all. I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON THREE!!!

Next weekend, just FYI, is going to be a marathon of the final season of Fringe. I knew I’d go crazy waiting week to week, especially with hiatuses, so instead I used a bit of self-control for once and waited until the entire season was over so I can just watch episodes back-to-back. Can’t wait.

So, I’ve also seen a few movies in the past couple weeks. Last weekend I saw Gangster Squad, which was a fun movie, though not great by any means. The violence is a little more than I expected, especially right at the beginning, though it gets a bit more tolerable later on. Ryan Gosling’s voice is… odd. But he’s adorable, so I can forgive it. I feel like the main character should’ve been played by someone a bit younger than Josh Brolin, but he did a good job as the leader of the squad, so I can let it go. I hope the include the alternate ending where they shoot up Grauman’s  Chinese Theater and Brolin dies on the DVD.

This weekend, I saw Zero Dark Thirty. There is zero chance I’d ever choose to sit in the dark and watch that 30 hour movie ever again. It was just surprisingly… I dunno, dull?  I feel like it spent too much time concentrating on the less interesting parts. Plus, the scene where they actually start the raid on bin Laden’s compound was so dark I couldn’t make out any of the details and couldn’t follow what was going on. I’d rather have had the whole thing in night vision or at least up the light enough to be able to see who was doing what and signaling what. Whatever. I can’t place my finger on it, I just wasn’t impressed. And, as a Jessica Chastain fan, I felt like the praise over her performance in this movie was a bit much. I feel like you could’ve put a couple dozen other actresses in that role and ended up with the same performance.

I rented For a Good Time, Call… this weekend with my sister. I was worried it would suck, since most of the indies I watched last year did. However, I was very pleased with it- it was really funny. It had a very similar feel to Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I think Justin Long was a bit annoying, but Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller were awesome. It’s all about these two girls who hated each other in college but are forced due to financial issues to become roommates. Lauren’s character finds out Ari’s character has been working for a sex phone company and convinces her to start her own so she’d make more money. It’s really very funny, plus there are some good sentimental arcs between the girls eventually becoming friends and Ari’s character starting to date one of her callers.

Switching gears, I spent the first couple days of the year reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Great, quick read. If you’re into Lifetime movies or true-crime shows (think Unsolved Mysteries or Deadly Women or anything on the ID channel, really), you’ll probably like this book. It intercuts the investigation of a missing woman with her husband’s perspective and her personal journal diaries. Like I said, great read. Now I just need to figure out what I’ll read in February!

There are four new apps I’m really into lately. The first is  StitchSketch, an app that allows people to create pixel art or, in my case, cross-stitch design. It can also be used for creating knitting patterns or bead art designs. Since I’ve been using it for cross stitch designing, I can tell you that in the color palette section, you can actually select DMC and see all the different colored floss DMC has, which is awesome. The designs I’ve done so far are pretty basic, so I’m not sure if it can handle things like quarter stitches. Supposedly you can add lines for back stitching, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to make that work yet. I would totally share the designs I’ve made, except they’re for my BFF’s husband’s birthday, and while I doubt he reads the blog, I don’t want him seeing them over her shoulder or anything like that. The other design is for my sister’s birthday, and she does sometimes read the blog, so that’ll have to wait until March.

The other apps have to do with pixel art. uPixel has you rotate a 3D collection of pixels until you recreate the icon in the corner. It’s pretty easy until you get to the higher levels. In Pic-a-Pix (and there are many other versions of this game out there), you try to create a picture by filling in the squares of a grid using boxes along the axes that tells you how many squares in that column/row are filled in, and for colored pictures, which color to use. It’s kind of like Sudoku meets paint by  numbers. The final is PathPix, where again you’re recreating a picture, this time by connecting the “dots”, which are actually boxes. You have to match like to like for both color and number, while filling in the same number of squares as the number. So, if the box is an orange 3, you have to connect it to another orange 3 while filling in 3 squares. Again, the first few levels are really simple, but it gets more complicated in the higher levels. I was stuck on #144- the graduation cap and diploma- for a few days!

All right, three readers, there ya go. Three weeks of entertainment for this Indoor Cat. Hopefully work calms down a bit so I can post more regularly! Or, I start remembering to post from home… Eh, we’ll see.


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2 thoughts on “I am, in fact, alive!

  1. Welcome back! Glad to see the info up…had to skip through the Homeland info so thanks for the massive amounts of spoiler notice 😀

  2. I read your blog all the time crazy girl!!!

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