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Boxing Day

Not Kangaroo boxing, sillies. Boxing Day, a holiday in better parts of the world (Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc), is really just the day after Christmas. Because it’s the day all the empty boxes of the Christmas gifts are taken out of the house. (Not really!)

Here in the US, Boxing Day is just another day. Back to the daily grind, back to time away from family and in small grey cubicles staring at a screen all day, counting down the minutes until you get to go back home and play with all your new gizmos and gadgets.

As a treat for you three readers on this fine Boxing Day, I am going to give you THREE movie reviews and then post some photos of handmade Christmas gifts.


When the sky falls, then the sky FAAAALLLLs. Oh, Adele. Spot on.

Seriously, though, Skyfall is really good. Now, I’m not a giant Bond fan; I haven’t seen the thousands of Bond movies out there. I’ve seen smatterings here and there- a little Sean Connery, a little Pierce Brosnan, and a little Daniel Craig. But I know the basics of the Bond universe, and I know that this was a good Bond movie.

The villian was quite villanous, and new school villanous at that. I love movies that use hackers as the bad guy. There is really pretty much nothing nowadays not hooked to the internet, and the fact that one dude could ruin entire lives- kill people even- just by hacking is terrifying. I don’t care what others say, I still think The Net is an awesome movie.

Anyway, Bond is very Bond-y. Daring, athletic, smooth, a ladykiller. All the classic traits are there. Plus the gorgeous suits.

Really, gorgeous  is the best way to describe the movie. The actors, their clothing, the scenery- it’s all seriously gorgeous. Skyfall is at the top of the class for action movies. Grade: A-

Les Misérables

Ugh. I wish this movie had made me less miserable. Quite the opposite, in fact. We (mom, sis, me) went yesterday after opening presents. I was a bit concerned, because I have always found the musical dull and the previous movie versions dull. But, the ads for this one made me think I might feel differently. Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

It’s still long. There’s still only about 4 good songs in the entire 400 hours (in reality, 2 hours 38 minutes). Most of the performances were good, at least, but I wasn’t impressed by Samantha Barks as Éponine, and Amanda Seyfried’s Cosette was a trilling mess. Anne Hathaway didn’t bother me too much as Fantine, and as usual I couldn’t stand the Thénardiers.

By the last 30 hour, I was like a little kid in church- shifting in my seat every five seconds, on verge of screaming. It’s just so long and so boring. I mean, if you love Les Mis, maybe you’ll enjoy it.  It definitely cemented for me, though, that I can’t stand it. Grade: C

Pitch Perfect

After Christmas dinner, we rented Pitch Perfect from Amazon. It was actually a cute movie, though predictable (spoilers ahead!). We knew that by the end, Benji would be in the boys group, the cute boy whose name I can’t remember but he looks like Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Anna Kendrick would get together, the girls’ group would of course make it to the finals, and would win. But, it was cute along the way. The barfing was incredibly unexpected, and gross, but funny too. Grade: B

Now onto homemade gifts. I have recently taken up cross stitching again, a hobby I did time to time when I was a kid. I decided to make nearly everyone in the family a homemade gift this year.

First up, ornaments: I made an ornament for my mom, dad and sister that resemble their dogs.

Mom’s dog Harriet:


And my dad’s dog Tucker:


And the ornaments for those dogs:


My sister’s and my dog, Arnold:


And the two ornaments I made of him:

arnoldornament1 arnoldornament2

And now for gifts: zombie magnets of my friends and their kittehs, Dr. Horrible magnets for those same friends, an apple bag for my mom to use at the farmer’s market, Community character magnets for my dad, and a basic scarf for my sister (the matching hat was her gift from my bestie):







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  1. To be fair I am a bit biased 🙂

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