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A Tearful Evening

I don’t cry easily, but I also do. Confusing, right?

When it comes to my real life, I bottle up my emotions pretty tightly. Essentially, I’m a robot. Beep boop. I allow myself to cry for a few minutes, and then put myself back together and act like I’m fine. I hate when people see me cry, and it usually happens because I reach my stress-breaking point. Usually out of pressure I’m putting on myself. I’m one of those people.

When it comes to my entertainment, though, I’m an emotional pushover. Every May, I know I’m gonna need to stay hydrated, because I will cry at Every. Single. Finale. Even the sitcoms. (Caveat: except when I know I’m being emotionally manipulated in order to produce tears. Shonda Rhimes. You cannot make me cry anymore, because you are too heavy handed in the sentimentality. Oh sure, Mark is dead and people are sad, but much like honeybadger, I don’t care. However, have Gaius Charles cry because the liver transplant didn’t take now his patient is saying “At least we’ve still got this week,” to his husband and ya got me. Way to go. When Gaius Charles cries, the whole world cries.)

Last night, though, I cried not once, but twice. TWICE. Crazy, eh?

The first was when I was reading the latest volume of The Walking Dead (volume 17 (issues 97-102)). Oh. My. GOD! (Okay, I’m going to have to keep this vague, because at least 2 of the 3 readers of this blog care and would kill me for spoiling it for them!) As always in TWD, people die. Notable people. Sometimes it’s a major character, sometimes it’s a major side character, a lot of the times it’s people we meet so that they can then die, but they serve an important plot point.

This volume has two notable deaths. One made me gasp, the other made me full on tear up. I had to put the book down because I couldn’t see past the tears. It was incredibly unexpected (to me), and the way it happened was so grotesque. If they decide to eventually do this on the show, I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch that scene. It left me feeling so sad. Which, honestly, is why I love The Walking Dead, both the show and the graphic novel. They both do a fantastic job getting the viewer/reader invested in the characters. We could have a zombie slaughter every week, but unless we care about the people fighting the zombies, trying to find some normalcy in the new world, what’s the point? Oh. Shivers. It was a fantastic volume, but heartbreaking too.

So then the second time I teared up is an example of my robot wiring gone awry. I teared up at The Office! It was a decent Christmas episode- not the best, but also not the worst. Angela, who recently discovered Oscar was having an affair with her husband, forgot to plan the Christmas party, so Pam convinced the party planning committee to allow Dwight to do a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas. Complete with hog maw and breaking the pig rib bone. Plus a Blenschgearmer (not really what it’s called!) which is kinda a dirty troll version of Santa, who decides if people have been honorable and get a gift, or impish and get whacked with a bunch of sticks. It was weird, as expected when Dwight’s involved, but also had a few good emotional arcs.

Erin got an email (or text?) from Andy that he was going to stay in the Bahamas for a couple weeks to figure out “this life thing.” Hurt that he left her behind, and seems in no hurry to come back to her, Erin distracts herself by watching Die Hard with Pete (new Jim). It’s Pete’s favorite movie, and he was reciting it line by line to Erin before she got the email. When she starts crying during the movie, after realizing how little Andy cares about her, Pete puts his arm around her to comfort her. Fiercely loyal Erin tells him “I’m still Andy’s girlfriend,” but sad and lonely Erin also says, “but you can keep your arm there.” She leans into him, and Pete smiles. It was a really sweet moment, and very reminiscent of early Jim and Pam. Since they’ve completely ruined Andy’s character, I really hope Erin and Pete get together by the end of the show.

The second emotional arc was between Jim and Pam/Dwight. Jim was going to leave early for the day to head out to Philly, where he’s starting a new job as a sports management… guy. I don’t know. But, he said goodbye to Pam, and they noted it was their last Dunder Mifflin Christmas together, because hopefully by this time next year, Jim would be doing the sport management thingy full time. When he left the party, Dwight got so sad that he actually whipped Jim- hard- as he left the room, and then called off the rest of the Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas.

I just thought it was very touching to see Dwight, who despite all the fighting, backstabbing and protests otherwise, really does care about Jim.

But the part that got me, where I felt a little verklempt, was the final shot, where the camera pulled out and showed all our favorite Dunder Mifflinites standing in the meeting room enjoying their Christmas party. It just really hit me that this is the LAST Christmas party we’ll have with these folks. While the show has gone downhill creatively, I once loved this show, and it made me sad that we’re in the beginning of the end (really more like the middle of the end).


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One thought on “A Tearful Evening

  1. Glad to see/hear you aren’t just a robot. You do make me want to read TWD graphic novels now, emotional investment + zombies=…
    Great post by the way. Keep it up

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