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I realize I’ve been focusing pretty exclusively on television since, well, pretty much ever, but I’m so much more than just a TV addict! Well, not really, but sometimes I drag myself away from the boob tube in order to see a movie. Or the boob tube is annoying me, so I play games on my phone at the same time. Every now and then I read a book, but it’s pretty rare. (Secret: I don’t know how to read!) So, I thought for once that I’d branch out and talk about more than just TV for once.


I used to go to a movie pretty much every weekend, but that’s dwindled down quite a bit due to people’s schedules, the price of movies, and that movie largely suck nowadays.

Speaking of sucking (ha, double meaning there- you’ll get it in a second), I recently saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my sister. I am not a fan of the Twilight series. I think Bella is a ridiculous character, Edward is creepy, and Jacob, well he’s got awesome abs and that’s about it. BDP2 may be my favorite of all the Twilight movies, though. Maybe it’s because I was sober for the first time. (Usually, to entice me to go, my sister will buy me booze, and I have a drinking game where I drink when KStew bites her lip, pouts or flips her hair, Jacob takes off his shirt, or Edward is creepy. AKA drink the whole time without stopping ever.) This time, we went to a theatre that doesn’t serve alcohol, nor was I on Vicodin like I was for last year’s Breaking Yawn Part 1. BDP2 was just a hilarious film- possibly the best comedy of the entire year. From the horrible creepy CGI baby Renesmee to Jacob stripping down for Charlie to Aro’s laugh after seeing Renesmee’s memories to Edward picking VampStew up and throwing her around like a log, I could not stop laughing. Hilarious, I tell you. Oh, and the Russian vampires’ accents are just so hilariously awful. It was awesomely bad.

Also a sucky movie: Flight. I like Denzel, but this was one booooorrrrrring movie. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the previews made it look like he was surprised that his toxicology report came back positive and that this was going to be more of an innocent man being framed type of story. Instead, it’s a story about Acts of God and a selfish guy who wants to cover up that he’s an alcoholic. Snore. Now, don’t get me wrong- it’s not awful. I just wouldn’t recommend paying for it. If it ever comes to HBO or when it’s on Netflix, go ahead and watch it. It won’t be a complete waste of 2 hours. Just don’t go pay to see it in theatres. It’s not worth that much money.

What is worth money is Argo. Argo is an amazing film, about the true story of a CIA/Canadian operation to rescue 6 Americans taking refuge in the Canadian ambassador’s home during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. In order to get them out, the CIA agent Tony (played superbly by Ben Affleck) goes into Tehran pretending he’s doing location scouting for a movie he’s producing, called Argo, thus the name of this film. The Americans are going to leave the country with him after posing as various film crew members- director, writer, designer, etc. Of course, they can’t claim to be Americans, so they all have to pretend to be Canadian as well as pretend to be a film crew.

It’s amazing that, even when I knew how it would end, I was still holding my breath during the pivotal airport scene. Would the CIA get the tickets issued in time? Would the “Canadian film crew” make it past the first checkpoint? The second? Even if they make it through the second, will it be too late and they’ll have missed their flight? There were other points in the movie that were just as nail-biting: one of them went outside, were they seen? One of them drew back a curtain over the window- did anyone see them? Could they trust the housekeeper to not rat them out? It was such a good movie, really. GO SEE ARGO!

Now, let’s move on to fun APPS! I will say that currently I’m an Apple girl (not a fangirl, though- I definitely see the merits in some non-Apple products), so all these apps are available in the iTunes app store; I’m too lazy to look if they’re available for Android as well.

I like games that don’t require a ton of thought and I’m not big into shoot ’em up games. My favorite game is easily Cut the Rope. Om Nom is super cute, none of the levels are THAT hard (with enough tries, you will get all three stars), and now with the Super Powers add on, there’s no reason to ever lose a level. It is mindless, but adorable, fun.

My recent addictions are Flow Free (which I do know is available for Android because I saw my friend playing it on her Galaxy S2), Ruby Blast, and Candy Crush. I’m also playing, but way less addicted to (since I suck at it) Falling Fred (another one I know is available on Android b/c that same friend recommended it to me).

Flow Free is a puzzle game, where you try to connect same colored dots without crossing lines, while filling ever square in the grid. Most levels are easy, especially once you get the tricks and patterns they tend to use down, but every now and then there will be a really tricky one. You’ll either connect all the lines but not fill all the squares, or will not see any possible way to get the dots connected without crossing lines. Luckily, they do have a few hints available and you can always purchase more if you need to.

Ruby  Blast is a digging game, where you touch groups of three or more gems in order to break the ground below those gems. You want to get as deep as possible before running out of time, and there are a few power ups you can use- a blaster which will clear all the gems and ground in the same column and row, one that sends comets raining down that clear the gems and break the ground, one that will drill down three levels, one that rearranges the gems to create massive groups, and one that I don’t know what it does yet because I haven’t unlocked it. It’s fun, but it costs 5 lightning bolts each time you play a game, so you can’t play for very long before you run out of lightning bolts. Again, you could purchase more if you wanted to, but I’m poor, so I don’t. I only get to play for a few minutes before I’m out.

Candy Crush is like Bejeweled with candy, and you have specific goals you’re trying to meet- get a certain score in a certain amount of time or with only a certain amount of moves, clear all the jelly, get all the fruit down to the bottom. It’s pretty easy for the first couple chapters, but there are quite a few levels that are difficult to get all 3 stars in- or to complete at all, really. There are special powers here, too- a ball that clears all the candy of a certain color, special candies that will take out an entire column or row, megacandies that will take out multiple rows/columns, wrapped candies that explode, etc. It’s fun- addicting!- but again, you only have 5 lives in a given period, so if you get stuck on a level and don’t get it cleared by your final life, you either have to purchase more lives or wait until your lives regenerate.

Falling Fred is theoretically easy, though I suck at it. Fred is falling down a very dangerous shaft, with lasers and moving table saws and fire and big ol’ platforms to hit his head on. You just move your device around so he avoids the hazards. You also try to collect letters to spell out “FRED” to have something happen. I can’t tell you what happens, because I haven’t been able to do it yet, because I suck at it!!

So, there ya go. If you don’t want to watch TV, go see a movie or play a game instead!


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One thought on “Movies! Apps! Wheeeeee!

  1. Great reviews, the candy blast sounds like fun. In terms of Falling Fred if you spell out FRED you repair some of the damage inflicted. I like the branching out on here.

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