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Marry/Date/Kill: NBC Shows

On this, the day before we are giving of the thanks, I am finishing my new (ha, everything on this blog is new because it’s a new blog!) feature, Marry/Date/Kill. Refresher: marry means season pass, date means week to week, kill means it can be cancelled and I won’t give a single crap. (Did you know that a shit ton weighs less than a metric ton due to all the shits people don’t give?)

As always, newbies first:

NEW SHOWS: Revolution, Go On, Guys With Kids

MARRY: Go On. I am digging Go On. It’s filling part of the hole left in my heart after NBC’s craptastic treatment of Community this season. I love zany, and Go On definitely zany! Even Mr. K, who I originally couldn’t stand, has grown on me a bit. I did wonder last night where George was, and what happened to the other people in the group in the pilot episode, but those nitpicks aside, the group we get week-to-week is forming quite the little emotionally supportive family. From helping each other grow up a little to facing actual serious issues (like Ryan helping Owen finally go see his brother in a coma), it’s a makeshift family with lots of heart. I think they do a good job incorporating Steven and Carrie from Ryan’s work, and overall the show just leaves me with a smile every week. I love Go On!

DATE: Guys With Kids. I can understand completely if everyone else hates this show, but I love it. The bromance between the three leads is compelling for me. I especially like Anthony Anderson’s Gary. His crazy brood, including eldest son Yoda (!), are super entertaining, in a late 90s/early 00s kind of way. Nothing they do is terribly original, and yet I laugh every week. It’s not high brow; it’s not super conceptual, but gosh darn it, it’s funny. Plus, they have a very catchy theme song (which evidently exec producer Jimmy Fallon performs, which I never realized even though now that I know it I’m like, how could I have not known that immediately?!).

KILL: Revolution. Don’t get me wrong, good for NBC that it finally has a seriously successful show, and a genre show at that! I, however, don’t see the appeal. I was crazy excited for Revolution– the concept sounded awesome, the previews of the electricity going out was cool, but then there was the rest of the show. The acting is just so horrible. It’s not even fun to hate-watch; I was consistently bored and annoyed in the four episodes I tried. I do not get the appeal!

RETURNING SHOWS: The Voice, Parenthood, The Office

KILL: The Voice. I know it’s NBC’s other successful show, but again, I don’t get the appeal. I’ve also never been into American Idol or The X Factor, so of course, this is not my kind of show. I can see how people would pick favorites and root for/against people- it’s the same thing I do with The Amazing Race. But, the show is so bloated- two hour performances and an hour results show every single week, plus special weeks with two two-hour performances and a two hour results show plus a two hour making of and a two hour judges’ special and a two hour brushing the contestants’ hair special- blergh. (And yet they can’t find 30 minutes in the fall for Community. Whatever. Berf!)

DATE: The Office. It’s gotten better than it was last season, but that is not saying much. It’s still fairly inconsistent- funny one week, annoying the next. They’ve basically ruined the Andy Bernard character by turning him into a 100% douchenozzle, and I know it’s just to serve his and Erin’s eventual breakup so she can hookup with New Jim, but what happened to the likable yet misguided doofus we had for so many seasons? And Jim- they’re setting it up so that he fails at this company he helped create. They’re totally going to boot him out, and no one likes seeing Halpert fail. Plus it’s creating issues between Jim and Pam, and not the kind that remind us why we rooted for them for so long, the kind that annoy us. But, the good episodes are so much better than last season. And they’re even doing a good job making Nellie a real human that we can actually like this season, instead of just a baskstabbing power-monger.

MARRY: Parenthood. For four years now, Parenthood has been one of the best shows on TV that no one is watching. This season is especially on fire. Between Kristina’s cancer storyline and Amber dating a vet readjusting to civilian life, there’s a lot of emotions every week, and generally some tears. Jason Katims, just like with Friday Night Lights, does a great job creating a very real, true world with full characters. None of the characters are “the ditzy one” or “the funny one” or “the serious one”- they’re all fully faceted characters. I think the most impressive part is that feeling of family that they create in every episode- whether they’re encapsulating the love you feel from family members, the way family can annoy you or piss you off like no one else can and you just want to break free (no offense family reading my blog!), or the way you can just relax and kid around with them, it’s always spot on. Or, they way they can disappoint you like no one else- in last week’s episode, Kristina is excited about her mom coming to town to help out with Kristina is going through chemo, and in the end her mom cancels because her boyfriend has a kidney stone- Monica Potter did a perfect job, as Kristina tried to seem like she was okay with it, but she was utterly crushed. It’s just a very real feeling show.



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