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…Radio Silence (Which is now over!)

It was unintentional, to be fair, but I have been radio silent on here ever since my soul was crushed because Community got bumped.

Animal Practice was finally cancelled, but instead of bringing back Community, NBC chose Whitney. Also on NBC, Up All Night got a few more episodes ordered, and is oddly switching from single-camera format to multi-camera format.

On ABC, The Neighbors and Scandal both got full season pick ups. I’m happy for The Neighbors– the more I watch, the more I’m into it. The Halloween episode was especially funny. Last Resort had a few new scripts ordered as well, and had an AMAZING episode last week.

Gossip Girl is 3 episodes in, and is ridiculously boring. You’d think that with a 10-episode final season, you’d be firing on all cylinders and be packing in as much action as possible, but it seems like the writers were too busy looking for new jobs to write anything interesting. Oh well.

I almost recommended people who have fallen away from Law & Order: SVU give it another chance, because it’s actually been okay this season, and then the 300th episode happened, was awful, and changed my mind.

And what semi-joyous news has made me break my silence? Well, of course, the opposite news of that which began my silence: Community has a new premiere date (if Yvette Nicole Brown, aka Shirley, is accurate with her tweet)! But, you’ll note, I said semi-joyous. The semi- part of that is because the new date is Thursday, freaking February 7th at 8/7 pm central. It will be replacing 30 Rock once it’s run is up.

So, it will only be 267 days from the 3rd season finale and the 4th season premiere. I mean, that’s only 8 months with no new Community episodes. And, heck, some of those days have already happened- we’re already down to only 101 days until the premiere!

Let’s hope that the Human Beings keep churning out minis like this to keep us going for the next 3 months and change.

And hey, there’s Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s to distract us, so that’s good.


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One thought on “…Radio Silence (Which is now over!)

  1. In the words of Abed via the FB group, Feb. 7 shall now be known as October 19th! Seriously though, glad it is coming back, and I think Thursday is much better than Fridays, it does suck it’s so far away, but you are right with the holidays coming up it should go quicker.

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