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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Week I Hereby Dub “Is-It-Over-Yet Week”

Don’t me wrong, there are a few things I’m excited for this week.

It’s off to a good start with yet another strong episode of The Good Wife (save for the Kalinda/ex-husband subplot that is so barely connected to the real story that it should be its own show!), Victoria’s return from the “dead” on Revenge, and a couple Tippi Hedren-esque attacks on (the likely soon-to-be-cancelled) 666 Park Avenue.

I’ve got an episode of Once Upon a Time waiting on my DVR, and may even Hulu The Simpsons for their annual Treehouse of Horror episode that aired last night.

We’ve got new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Go On, Parenthood, the Tuesday Fox comedies (btdubs, the 2 newbies have been picked up for full/full-ish seasons- The Mindy Project has a full season pickup, Ben & Kate only 6 additional episodes (for a 19 episode first season) due to the creator’s pregnancy), a showing of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog on Tuesday, yet another debate for me to internally debate watching or catching up on the DVR’d shows, and a new episode of Last Resort (which I’m going to cling to until TPTB rip it from my cold, dead hands).

The final season of Gossip Girl kicks off tonight, and new seasons of The Vampire Diaries, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The League start up this week. We also “welcome” to our screens 4 new shows: Arrow (which the CW hopes will be a massive hit for them), Beauty and the Beast (which I don’t think anyone at the CW is pretending this one is going to be a hit), Chicago Fire (see review here), and Nashville (again, see review here). I will say, I have had the songs from Nashville stuck in my head since I viewed the pilot, and I am looking forward to its next episode.

So, with all this going on- new episodes, new shows, premieres of final seasons of shows I am ashamed to watch but can’t help loving anyway (GG), why do I want this week to be over? Because next week is going to be the best week of the year! Or at least the fall season!Starting on Sunday, October 14th, not-at-all-live from Atlanta, Georgia, it’s Darryl Dixon vs. the motherfreaking zombies! Yes, that’s right kids, next Sunday The Walking Dead returns after 7 long, zombie-free months.

Three days later, we get another horror fix from the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum. In case you care and haven’t yet heard, it’s largely the same cast playing all new roles in an all new setting. (Fun story: I wasn’t originally a fan of American Horror Story last year, but when I was hobbled and living on my sister’s couch, I watched the last few episodes with her and really got into it.)

On the same night, we return to a much more terrifying neighborhood- Chatswin. Suburgatory is back, and while I know that show doesn’t float everyone’s boat, it’s one of my favorite comedies from last season. I love Jeremy Sisto, and think Jane Levy is really great as well. How can you deny a show with a supporting cast like Alan Tudyk, Ana Gasteyer, Cheryl Hines, and Chris Parnell? Just so much funny in one cast. That’s definitely one set I’d love to visit if I were the kind of entertainment blogger that actually got to visit sets, rather than the kind who lives in Nebraska and the closest she’s ever been to being on set was helping her college roommate film an improv show on campus. I digress…

Finally, the pièce de résistance, the cherry on the sundae that is television, the show that makes me glad I’m a social misfit and spend most Friday nights either at home, at my bff’s apartment watching tv, or at my sister’s house also watching tv: Whitney! HA! Super Late/Early April’s Fool. Actually, let’s call it a Columbus Day’s Fool, since Columbus was a fool for saying he discovered a land that already had thousands of people living here. Again, I digress. Community is back next Friday night, and this is very likely the last run of original episodes we’ll ever see for this show unless the fans can rally around it, get a few more eyes tuning in, and make it worth NBC’s interest to keep a show that averaged a low-2 rating at its highest point on air.

Being a TV addict/nerd, there are some show to which I get very attached. Most shows I like, when they’re cancelled, I’m bummed but move on. A few dozen get the honor of having series-run marathons every few years or so. Then there are the handful of shows that, for whatever reason, I watch over and over and over. (Sap alert!) Watching these shows feels like coming home when you’ve been gone for a while- familiar, comfortable, and they just make me happy. Community is one of these shows for me. I have watched all three seasons more times that I can remember (or should admit to!); I’ve watched season 3 about four times this summer alone. When the final scene is finished airing, whether it’s this year or next year or many years down the road, I’m going to let out a shriek and then shut down, much like Abed.


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