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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Even More Sneak Peeks (Edited)

The pilots for Emily Owens, M.D., Chicago Fire, and Nashville are now online. The only one I’ve watched so far is Emily Owens, M.D., and you can see my snap judgment on it here. I’ll update this post once I’ve watched the other two!


So, I’ve now had the opportunity to watch both Chicago Fire and Nashville and have some snap judgments I’d like to share!

Chicago Fire
Episodes Watched: 1, obviously
Snap Judgment: This wasn’t as bad as I expected based on the promos. I actually even liked it in the end. I like Steve from Sex and the City; Jesse Spencer’s fake American accent wasn’t great but grew on me, and Taylor Kinney- well, he’s pretty. I think the pilot was a little busy (slight spoiler alert but nothing major): a fellow firefighter dies, new guy starts, Steve gets kicked out of his house, a guy faked falling into the river after causing a car accident, the floor gives out at a fire and puts three firemen in jeopardy, and a medic performs a dangerous procedure on a child in the field and get crap about it afterwards. That’s at least two, if not three, episodes worth of plot/storyline there. I’m not sure what this show will look like long term- are we always going to have at least three fires/rescues an episode? Or is it going to settle into more of a Grey’s model, with one major accident that then colors the entire episode (while, of course, relating to the interpersonal relations of the squad)? I think that, if you don’t like it off the bat, you should definitely implement by 4-episode trial period, because I feel this is a show that could grow into something good, if it doesn’t get cancelled first. It definitely makes me think more of ER than it does of, say, Mercy or Trauma. And, it’s from Dick Wolf, aka the Law & Order godfather, so if this show clicks, it could have a pretty healthy lifecycle and bring people in and out like L&O: Original Style did.
Grade: B-

Episodes Watched: 1
Snap Judgment:I loved Nashville, honestly. The country music is just a framing device; the show, at least the pilot, isn’t actually about country music. And the music they do feature is actually pretty enjoyable, and this is coming from a girl who HATES country music! (It’s the eleventh plague, as far as I’m concerned.) Connie Britton is, of course, amazing as Rayna James. Seriously, can I be her when I grow up?! Hayden Panettiere is quite convincing as a second rate actress singer who uses her body to get ahead. Girlfriend’s got some issues, which are touched upon in the pilot, so I do think we’ll eventually get a slightly more human portrayal of Juliette Barnes, but for now, it’s sex pistol star on the rise. There’s good intrigue between Rayna and her father/sister- there’s bad blood there, and it makes for a great, fiery dynamic. I also think she has great chemistry with her band leader, with whom she evidently has quite the past. I’m definitely intrigued to see more!
Grade: A


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