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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Office Final Season

Tonight is the beginning of the end, folks. The end of an era. The Office will begin its final season tonight (NBC, 9/8c), before closing up shop for good.

Last we saw our friends at Dunder Mifflin Sabre, David Wallace, former CEO, had bought the company, re-instating Andy as the bossman after a coup from newbie Brit, Nellie. On the more personal side of office life, Dwight was hellbent on proving Angela’s new baby was actually HIS baby, not her state senator husband’s. Meanwhile, Oscar got confirmation that the state senator had indeed been hitting on him in a previous episode. And I’m pretty sure Jim and Pam were around, but I don’t remember them actually having much to do. Which is true for quite some time now…

But, anyway, let’s wax nostalgic for Dundies past, shall we? Steve Carrell says he doesn’t think Michael Scott should return, so we probably won’t see him this season except in possibly a clipisode or picture from his and Holly’s wedding. David Denman is returning as Pam’s ex-fiance, Roy- we’ll get to see his wedding in one of the first few episodes of the season. It’d be fun to see Rashida Jones pop in as Karen Filippelli- we never have heard what happened to the Utica branch during the Sabre shake up, and it’d be fun to see if she and her husband have any more kids. Plus, it’d be fun to see both Jim and Pam’s major exes and see the lives they could’ve ended up with if they hadn’t ended up together. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Jan pop up at some point, hopefully as a sane person this time. Maybe her kid brought her fulfillment and she was able to move past the crazy!

Here’s what I know about this coming season: we get a Halloween party episode, and I think a Christmas party episode (at least I hope so, because those have been some of my favorites). There are two noobs in Scranton- Dwight Jr and Jim Jr (played by Clark Duke (Greek, Hot Tub Time Machine, Kick-Ass) and Jake Lacy (Better With You)- which should be fun. New blood has always had a mixed reception on this show, but these two seem like they’ll fit in well. They’re brought in to deal with all the customer service complaints Kelly ignored. Oh, we lose Toby and Kelly, and cut back on Ryan this season. We’ll find out who has been making the documentary all this time, which should be fun. Later this season we’ll have an episode that focuses on Dwight’s beet farm, including meeting his never before seen siblings, which serves as a backdoor pilot for a potential spin off. Oh, and we’ll finally learn who the Scranton Strangler really was. All signs point to Toby, which would be hilarious since he served on the jury for the first suspect’s trial!

Before I rush home and make sure my DVR is set up to record this season, I want to reflect on some of my favorite moments from the show:

  • The pranks
    • I can’t decide on a favorite prank, so I’m generalizing them all here. A few of the top hitters: stapler in jello, the Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica exchange when Jim is dressed like Dwight, making it look like Jim wrapped up everything on Dwight’s desk when really it was empty/cardboard, moving Dwight’s desk into the bathroom, convincing Dwight the CIA was recruiting him, creating posters of Dwight-with-mustache as the perv exposing himself to women, and, of course, the prank gone wrong: hiding Andy’s phone in the ceiling, causing him to go so crazy he punched a hole in the wall!
  • Jim and Pam
    • Again, with me, it’s pretty much everything with them. I was a Jam ‘shipper through and through, which sucked ’cause I liked Karen too, I just knew that Jim was meant for Pam
      • 27 seconds of silence on the Booze Cruise
      • Pam’s reaction to seeing Jim’s yearbook photo
      • Jim’s teapot full of inside jokes for Pam’s Christmas present, and the fact that she traded an iPod to get the teapot back because she knew it meant a lot to Jim
      • Eating grilled cheese sandwiches on the roof
      • The Dundies when Pam gets crazy drunk
      • The Survivor-esque competition where Pam comes into her own a little, walking the coals and then admitting how she felt to Jim
      • Jim coming back from New York to ask Pam on a real date, just as she was accepting that her dreams might not all come true
      • Talking to each other all day on the world’s smallest bluetooth earpiece
      • The almost proposal and how sad Pam looked when it didn’t happen
      • The real proposal and how happy Pam looked when it did happen
      • When they found out they were pregnant
      • Their wedding- the church wedding was so-so, but their Niagara Falls wedding, just the two of them, was perfect. Plus her dress was gorgeous!
      • Pam crying when Jim made his own list- her, CeCe, and the new baby in one column, everything else in the other
  • The disastrous dinner party with Jim and Pam, Jan and Michael,  Angela and Andy, and Dwight crashing with his childhood babysitter
    • Special shout out to Hunter’s song, and Hunter in general, played by Omaha native Nick D’Agosto (who my sister did high school plays with, and now stalks enjoys watching on both TV and in the movies)
  • Threat Level Midnight. Love it.
  • All the singing, particularly Michael’s song parody, Goodbye Toby to the tune of “Goodbye Stranger”, Kevin signing “You Oughta Know” at the Christmas Karaoke party, and “the people person’s paper people” jungle they came up with for their ad
  • The ad they came up with with the piece of paper going from one scenario to another, especially pinned to Dwight “I’m your son”- HA!
  • Michael’s crazy ass “tribal” dancing on the Booze Cruise
  • Jim and Pam’s goodbyes to Michael
  • Michael’s proposal to Holly, and his exit in general.
  • Michael and Jim signing duet to “Islands in the Stream” at Jim’s party

Let’s hope this season can add a few more classic Office moments to this list!


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