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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Weeds Series Finale

On Sunday, Weeds put yet another season, and this time the series, to bed. Did it end on a high or just burn out? A little of both, actually.

For those unfamiliar with Weeds, a little background: for eight seasons now, we’ve followed the Botwin family, consisting of matriarch Nancy, her sons Silas and Shane, and her brother-in-law Andy. Papa Botwin died from a heart attack on a jog, and Nancy decided to make ends meet and stay in their beautiful, cookie-cutter home in their beautiful, cookie-cutter cul de sac, she would sell pot to her friends and neighbors. The show followed their hijinks all the way from Agrestic, CA to Old Sandiwch, CT, which numerous baddies along the way- gangsters, Mexican drug lords, arms-smuggling hotties related to prison cellmates. Ya know, the usual crowd at Sunday brunch.

The finale was a mixed bag, honestly. As someone who has always seen Nancy as someone who is primarily selfish, careless, and hella lucky (girlfriend should’ve gone to jail/died about 8 different times), I was hoping the finale would see her truly get her comeuppance. She would truly understand that her floating through life, taking advantage of the people she supposedly loves and was trying to protect, was selfish and harmful to those around her, and she would feel repentant.

Instead, the one line that stuck in my craw was Andy telling her that she’s finally free. She answers to no one now. She can do whatever she wants to do. As soon as he finished this speech, I said, “When hasn’t she?” She has always done what she wanted to do, whether it wise or not, whether it was the best thing for her sons or not.

At least there, she did get her comeuppance a bit, but at other people’s sake. For being a selfish, bad mom, she has one son who is an addict and desperately in need of rehab, and another whose wife hates her and won’t let Nancy hold her own grandchild. For being a selfish, bad friend, the one person she truly loved (as much as she’s capable of loving) after her first husband died, her brother-in-law Andy, basically cut her out of his life so that he could find happiness. And he did- with her darkness out of his life, he was able to find light and happiness- a daughter named Leni, a well-reviewed restaurant, and a group of friends that make him happy.

While being around Nancy is destructive, the men in her life can’t help but love her. In a touching final moment, Doug, Shane, Silas and Andy all come and sit next to Nancy outside, in the lightly falling snow, to share one last joint. It was a good final scene, even if I had hoped Nancy would die.



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