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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Mob Doctor and a Re-Review of Revolution

Two new shows premiered last night- The Mob Doctor at 9/8c on Fox, and Revolution at 10/9c on NBC.

I had previously reviewed Revolution, since it was released for streaming online a couple weeks ago. (You can read that review here.) Upon watching it again, I am less underwhelmed than I initially was- I think since I was excited about the premise, I was let down quite a bit on the initial viewing. Knowing the level of the show now, I was able to see a little more humor than I saw the first time, a little more intrigue, and a little bit better pacing than I initially though.

But, still not enough. It’s still a little slow for an action-y, adventure mystery show. I stand by the fact that this is the kind of pilot that should’ve wowed us, make use want to sink our teeth into the show and really find out the answers to all the different mysteries. Instead, I don’t care about any of the characters, except the bad ones- Giancarlo Esposito rules the hour as Capt. Neville, and David Lyons was very intriguing in the 5 seconds he was on screen. The good guys- Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Danny (Graham Rogers), and now-dead-dad’s girlfriend (Anna Lise Phillips) are all very wooden/amateur in their acting abilities. Miles (Billy Burke) was meant to be guards-up, but was a bit too much so in that I couldn’t like him enough to root for him. You’re kick ass with a sword, but does that mean I care if you live or die? Eh, not really.

The one character that stuck out to me a little more was Aaron (Zak Orth), now-dead-dad’s friend, who tagged along to find Miles because Ben (Time Guinee, and also because I got tired of typing out now-dead-dad) entrusted him with a Gaelic-looking necklace which hides that USB drive to which Ben downloaded a whole mess of secrets moments before “physics went crazy” and everything shut down. Aaron is going to be the comic relief of the show, and thank goodness for that.

So, I’ve spent this whole post so far re-reviewing Revolution rather than touching on the new Mob Doctor. That should tell you something right there! I was not expecting much from this show based on the previews, and it delivered the same: not much. It kills me to say this, btdubs, because I love Jordana Spiro from My Boys, Zach Gilford (Saracen from FNL), and Zeljko Ivanek, who I love for his name alone, plus his roles on Big Love, Heroes, Law & Order, In Bruges, School Ties– I mean, he kills it in everything he’s in, even if it’s just a single episode. 

The Mob Doctor is no different- Zeljko Ivanek kills it. He’s probably the best part of the hour, and he’s in it for about 5 minutes. I just don’t know that Jordana Spiro can pull off a role like Grace Devlin, who leads a double life as a skilled surgical resident and the resident doctor to the Chicago mob, a role she took on to save her brother’s life. I have all kinds of respect for Jordana Spiro; I just don’t think she is the right person for this role. I think she deserves a smash hit, and this isn’t going to be it. I also feel like Zach Gilford kind of dialed it in in the pilot. It just didn’t all come together for me.

While I would say I’ve got a few more episodes to watch before I can make up my mind on The Mob Doctor, I’m not sure I’m going to get the chance. The Mob Doctor did NOT have strong ratings- 5 million viewers overall and a 1.5 rating. That’s worse than Terra Nova (9.1mil overall, 3.1 rating), Alcatraz (10 mil overall, 3.3 rating), The Chicago Code (9.4 million, 2.4 rating) and the infamous Lone Star, which premiered to 4.1 million viewers overall, with a 1.3 rating, and was cancelled after two episodes. I doubt The Mob Doctor makes it to the end of the month, unless a miracle occurs.


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