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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Guys With Kids, and the Return of Glee

Sometimes, I miss sitcoms from the 90s. Stuff like Family Matters, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, The Torkelsons, etc. They weren’t great TV, but they were comforting. You could relate to the characters in one way or another; you’d get a good laugh in every now and then, and sometimes the episodes were so corny and cheesy, you would enjoy making fun of them with your family/friends.

I feel like the 90s returned a little with Guys With Kids, which, in case the title didn’t explain it enough, is about 3 guys with kids- a stay at home, married dad (Anthony Anderson), a married dad (Zach Cregger), and the divorced one (Jesse Bradford). It’s enjoyable enough- I could relate to the characters a little, I laughed a little, and I was able to make fun of it a little. Case in point: in one scene, the guys are trying to help Chris (Jesse Bradford) pick out an outfit for his date tonight, and Gary (Anthony Anderson) is holding a leash, presumably with one or more of his children on the other end. We never see the child/children; it/they are off screen throughout the scene. We just see Gary tugging at this leash- it’s so bad and cheesy, it’s hilarious in all the wrong ways.

But, I still laughed. Which is nice. I don’t really need more episodes of this show to decide my stance on it- when it gets cancelled, I won’t be bummed, but it’s worth DVRing until that happens.

Moving right along, Glee started up again last night. How would they balance the college kids with the high school students? How would they integrate the newbies? How, I ask you, how? After all, we were promised by the creator of the show, producers of the show, stars of the show, and the Fox network president that this season would be “revolutionary,” “unlike anything that’s been done before,” “groundbreaking.” “It may change TV.”

Well, unless I blinked and missed it, there was nothing terribly special about last night’s season premiere. We picked up with Rachel in New York, getting berated in dance class by guest star Kate Hudson, and then moved over to Lima, OH seeing the remaining high school students let popularity go to their heads. The scenes switched off between the locales- not in a distracting way, just we’re gonna tell a little of this story, now we’re gonna tell a little of that story kind of way. It was absolutely not anything special or unique or mind-blowing. Maybe the writers/producers/creator had a different plan in mind and decided to go with this conventional approach in the end, but in the end, it truly is that: conventional. Of course, shame on me for thinking the people at Glee were doing anything more than creating hype. That’s what they’re really good at: create a lot of hype around certain episodes, and not put much work into making the show good.

Though, to be fair, last night’s episode was pretty good. Rachel Berry was an underdog once again, which made her immensely less annoying and even somewhat likeable. Two of the three newbies aren’t bad- Marley, who I’ve got pegged as the new Rachel, is sweet, innocent, and talented. She’s got a good voice. It might not be as Broadway-caliber as Rachel’s voice, but she even says she doesn’t want to go to Broadway; she wants to be on the radio. And she’s got the voice for it. Puck’s half-brother (unbeknownst to Puck), Jake, also seems like a good character. He had a good voice, and does a good job at being super angry. We all know that the glee club will eventually crack that tough exterior, just like it did Puck.

The one new character I think is a misfire is Kitty. She’s overly bitchy, and in a very cloying way. At one point she make a comment about not having an all-white people float for Homecoming- I’m not sure who Ryan Murphy met in his real life that’s so outrageously, openly racist he based TWO characters off him/her, but he needs to remember subtle is better, so let’s tone down the bitchiness and racism on Glee and The New Normal ASAP. We didn’t hear Kitty sing at all in the premiere; I’m assuming at some point she’ll join the Glee club, that she’s not just an external antagonist.

As for the songs, the one I liked most is “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons, because it had a fun little cup-stomp dance routine to go along with it. There was also “New York State of Mind”, which was a duet between Rachel and Marley primarily to show that Marley has that same shining star quality Rachel had and to show that Rachel earned her spot in NYADA. Earlier in the ep, McKinley’s latest transfer Unique basically had a diva-off with Tina, Blaine and Brittany to determine which of them would replace Rachel as the new lead solo vocalist. In order to annoy the crap out of me, they sang “Call Me Maybe”. (Do you know I survived until basically the end of the summer without ever hearing that song fully? And the first time I did hear it fully, it wasn’t even the real song, it was the Cookie Monster version “Share It Maybe”. And then within the last month I’ve heard it All. The. Time. That song needs to die, and quickly!) The episode ended with a rendition of  Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”, again with Marley doing lead vocals, and was very enjoyable.

I’m super excited for next week. Sunday is the series finale of Weeds, which hopefully won’t disappoint, and then we have the season premieres of Bones, Survivor: Philippines (truth be told I’ve never watched a single season of Survivor), Up All Night, The Office, and Parks and Recreation, plus the series premieres of Mob Doctor and Revolution (see previous review of Revolution here). Here’s the premiere schedule for next week:

  • Sunday
    • Boardwalk Empire, HBO, 9/8c
  • Monday
    • Bones, Fox, 8/7c
    • The Mob Doctor, Fox, 9/8c
    • Revolution, NBC, 10/9c
  • Wednesday
    • Survivor: Philippines, CBS, 8/7c
  • Thursday
    • Up All Night, NBC, 8:30/7:30c
    • The Office, NBC, 9/8c
    • Parks and Recreation, NBC, 9:30/8:30c
  • Friday
    • Haven, Syfy, 10/9c

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