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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Last Resort

The sneak peeks keep rolling out, and today I was able to watch ABC’s new drama, Last Resort. Starring Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, Autumn Reeser, Robert Patrick, and more, Last Resort is the story of a US submarine crew given orders from via a secondary channel to fire 4 nuclear missiles at Pakistan. This channel is only meant to be used in the most dire of situations, so they do a quick check to see what the US broadcasting system is currently showing, and see the weather, news, and Hannah Montana- not every station showing attacks on the US, the president speaking, or anything that would indicate the US has been attacked. They request the order be sent through the regular channel, and are subsequently fired upon by another US sub. Back in the States, the US spins it and says a Pakistani sub fired on the Colorado, but a few people, including Autumn Reeser’s character, put the pieces together and know what really happened.

The crew of the Colorado (the sub) seek refuge on the island of San Marino, comandeering a NATO station so they can stay connected to what’s happening and protect themselves. The hour ends with a speech that sets up the series, given with Andre Braugher’s typical awesomeness- this island now has a 200 mile no man zone surrounding it. Dare to cross that line, and the Colorado will use it’s remaining nuclear missiles- “We will not hesitate to unleash fiery hell down upon you… Test us, and we will all burn together. You’ve been warned.” After the speech, the XO (Scott Speedman) responds- “Just crazy enough.”

I feel that’s an appropriate reflection on this pilot- it’s just crazy enough. On paper, it sounds a bit… trite, a twist on The Hunt for Red October. But something about this show, at least the pilot, really makes it come together. The 45 minutes moved fast, and I am left desperately wishing for October 4th so I can see what happens next. I’m at the very least excited for September 27th, when Last Resort premieres, so that I can see it all again on my big TV screen rather than watching on my computer with it’s crappy coloring and horrible black levels. Not many of the previews I’ve seen have left me this excited for the next episode.

Last Resort will air Thursdays on ABC at 8/7c, opposite of The Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men, The X Factor, 30 Rock/Up All Night, and The Vampire Diaries. It doesn’t quite fit with it’s lead out, Grey’s Anatomy, but I still am hopeful this show will do well. I once had it pegged as an early cancellation, but if it can keep up the adrenaline factor and keep that characters moving forward, it could do very well, and be ABC’s answer to the new Lost, only without smoke monsters and insane mythology.

Check out the premiere early on Yahoo.


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