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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Revolution

You say you want a Revolution? Well, ya know, next Monday at 10/9c on NBC, you’ll be able to watch one. The basic plot of NBC’s newest sci-fi offering is that electricity went kaput, or as one character puts it “physics went crazy” and now there is no electricity in the world. The show starts by showing it all turn off- cities going dark, planes falling out of the sky, all the fun apocalyptic stuff, and then picks up 15 years later, when the survivors have adjusted to a retro world and grow gardens out of cars, have rickshaws using the back half of cars, farm and hunt their food, and, oh yeah, local militias have popped up to scare the bejeezus out of the small villages.

One such militia, the Monroe Militia, comes to find two men they think hold the key to bringing back electricity, and thus the key to their ultimate power. They would be the only militia with electricity, which means producing more powerful weapons and having ultimate control.

Things take a turn when the son of one of these men threatens the militia, and there ends up being a whole bunch of people getting shot, stabbed, or otherwise beaten. In the end (slight spoiler alert but not really because it’s been in the commercial), the son gets kidnapped and his father is shot to death. Cue Charlie, the sister and daughter. She sets out to save her brother, which means finding her uncle Miles (played by Billy Burke). Miles is the other man the militia was looking for, and Charlie thinks he’ll help her since they’re family.

Well, Miles has been living a pretty low-key life the past 15 years, setting up a bar, and trying to stay out of any unnecessary kerfuffles. He doesn’t appreciate his niece accidentally bringing a militia member to his bar; he doesn’t appreciate her assumption he’ll help just because they’re family since he doesn’t know her one bit, and he doesn’t appreciate being asked to walk into a trap. After all, they only kidnapped Danny (the son) to lure out Miles, and he doesn’t want to be found.

Here’s the thing: if this is a boring recap so far, it’s because I was bored the entire time I was watching this. It may get better, I hope it does, but: the actress they chose for Charlie is as cardboard as can be, the drama never felt that dramatic, and the few attempts at humor tended to bomb. I’m not saying it’s a disaster of a show- I’m saying since the promos made it look so good, I am incredibly disappointed in the pilot. Oh sure, I’m possibly interested in seeing where this goes and if they can bring electricity back and what the deal with Monroe (the militia leader) is, but overall, I just felt bored.

And this was the pilot, directed by Jon Favreau of Iron Man fame! If he can’t make the pilot as high-octane, exhilarating, fascinating, humorous and intriguing as Iron Man, then who can? I was once looking forward to this show, but now it’s on my 3-episode list. I’ll give it 3 episodes, not including the pilot, and if I’m still underwhelmed, I’m done.

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3 thoughts on “Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Revolution

  1. Interesting method, the 3 episode rule. I will definitely have to keep that in mind. Thanks for the review, I have been on the fence about this show so the review was nice to know what to expect.

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