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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Fox Sneak Peeks

I have eagerly been awaiting the sneak peeks of The Mindy Project and Ben & Kate. About a month ago I read that these two shows were going to have sneak peeks available starting August 27th, so I set a reminder in my phone and have been counting down the days (okay, not really, but I did remember a week ago when iTunes released a couple short featurettes, and then yesterday when my phone reminded me about today).

So, once I got home tonight, I cued up Hulu (these sneak peeks are only available via streaming for the next two weeks through sites like Hulu, Crackle,, etc) and started with The Mindy Project. When I first heard about this show, I thought “Ugh- Mindy Kaling can be funny in small doses, but a show starring her? Heaven help us.” On the one hand, I stand by this thought. Her jokes and delivery weren’t really that unique or fresh, but she did have good chemistry with the other actors. Similar to New Girl, they completely broadcast that Mindy and the doctor played by Chris Messina (can’t remember the character’s name and not in the mood to IMDB!) (EDIT: His name is Daniel) are meant for each other in the end, but they also need to make it a slow burn in order to have a show. So in the meantime, they’re going to have her make out with hot British doc Geoffrey (Jeffrey? Again, too lazy to IMDB)(EDIT: Jeremy), played by hot British actor Ed Weeks. The female supporting characters are a little less charismatic and have less chemistry with Mindy than the men, but there’s potential there, I suppose. I’m a little leery of the front desk females and their potential, but we’ll find out I suppose!!

After a mostly enjoyable half hour, I moved on to Ben & Kate. I’m glad I saved this one for last. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but I do like the heart in this show. Pretty much every actor/actress could use a little more chemistry with the others, but I see potential in this show. I think it’ll match the tone of Raising Hope with a little less zaniness. But, it’s a show about family being there for each other, and I think it’s very sweet.

I’ll definitely watch both of these shows, at least until I figure out if they are going to rise to their potential or never quite jell. I don’t think they are watch-live worthy, though. They’re definitely more of a DVR show.

Ben & Kate will air after Raising Hope at 7:30 Central on Tuesdays, against the second half of Dancing with the Stars results show, NCIS, Hart of Dixie, and The Voice.

The Mindy Project will air at 8:30 Central on Tuesdays, against Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23, The New Normal, and the second halves of NCIS: LA and Emily Owens, M.D.

Thanks to my sis for reminding me of The Mindy Project‘s men’s names.


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