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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The NBC Sneak Peeks

So, this past week, NBC aired two full sneak peeks and two extended commercials for upcoming shows.

The extended commercials were for Revolution and The New Normal. Both look appealing to me, though I have concerns about both. I’m concerned Revolution will be this year’s Jericho or Flash Forward– a great concept, a great cast, and a cancelled after one season. Well, two in the case of Jericho, but that second season was fought for by the fans. With The New Normal, my one concern is that it’s a Ryan Murphy show. Ryan Murphy is great at creating new shows, but not great at running shows. His first seasons are awesome, and then something goes wonky in the second season- it becomes too over the top, it becomes too ridiculous, whatever.

As for the two full sneak peeks, the only one worth really mentioning is Go On. The other, Animal Practice, was sadly awful. The cast had very little chemistry; the set up was ridiculous, and unless it improves drastically between episode 1 and episode 5, it won’t last long. And that pains me to say, because I like Justin Kirk and Joanna Garcia Swisher.

Go On, on the other hand, could last quite some time. The cast had very real chemistry, especially between Matthew Perry and Laura Benanti, the group leader, and between Matthew Perry and Tyler James Williams. A lot of real critics have slammed the show, saying it goes for the easy jokes and stereotype characters, like the chubby girl who’s crisis is that her cat died. However, I think they only half paid attention to the show. Early in the episode, that same girl says “At least you have a family”- her crisis isn’t that her cat died, it’s that she doesn’t have any one who loves her. The woman angry about her partner dying, the man in denial about his wife having an affair and a baby from that affair, the woman who lost her husband and son- these are all real things, and we saw real glimpses of real characters. I think this show has a lot of potential!

EDIT: Go On is available via, or download the pilot free from iTunes. Animal Practice is also available on or for free download from iTunes.

EDIT 2: The New Normal pilot is now available via Hulu and iTunes. Check out my review!


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