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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Summer Slump, Part 2

I am in a summer slump. Oh, sure, I’m watching things and doing things and all that, but I just feel very blah all the time. Part of it is the weather- the hotter it gets, the more I shut down. Part of it is my job- I don’t like the projects I’m working on right now, which makes it difficult for me to motivate myself. Luckily, there are deadlines to motivate me. And part of it is that the things I’m watching or doing, for the most part, I’m not really THAT into. Save for FINALLY starting to catch up on Fringe (I have basically the whole second half to watch, though I know mostly what happens through spoiler columns I read in the past), everything I watch right now feels like filler. Even shows I like, such as The Newsroom, Weeds, and Episodes, feel like filler right now.

Hopefully, tonight, things will start to shake out for me and feel fresh. There’s the sneak peek of Go On on NBC tonight, and I actually am hoping it’s good. I enjoyed the couple preview scenes I saw back at the start of summer. Tomorrow, Children’s Hospital starts back up, which is so absurd and ridiculous, I can’t help but love it. Sunday is another NBC sneak peek, Animal Practice, which again I’m hoping will be good (though my instincts say it won’t be!). I get attached to actors when I like them on shows, and I like Justin Kirk from Weeds and Joann Garcia Swisher from Privileged and Better With You (she was also on Reba, but I never really watched it…)

Plus, it helps the Olympics will be ending soon, so shows like Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen will be back on, which granted are also filler shows, but at least it’ll be more filler. Right now, with summer shows repeating themselves because of the Olympics, I feel like there’s barely any filler to fill my time with. And yes, I realize I could, and probably should, watch the Olympics- talented athletes from across the world, national pride, yada yada yada. I just never really have been into the Olympics. During the winter Olympics I’ll watch a few more things, but the summer Olympics just don’t do it for me.

Plus, we’re only about a month away from the start of new shows/seasons, and about 6 weeks from the real onslaught of new-ness, so I only need to fill a little more time!


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