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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Dark Knight Rises and the summer slump

So, first off, how awful are some people? That shooting in Colorado is mind boggling. What would possess a man to be so violent and evil is just beyond words. My heart goes out to all the victims and their loved ones. I think it’s totally awesome that Christian Bale went out today to visit the victims in the hospital. That’s one cool dude (just don’t walk into his line of sight while he’s shooting a scene!)

That being said, The Dark Knight Rises is an awesome movie. Oh sure, it’s incredibly long and there are probably a few scenes it could have done without (and a few thing it could’ve used more of like JGL… preferably shirtless…just an idea…), but overall it’s a really good movie. 

I think Tom Hardy did just as good a job as Heath Ledger transforming himself and really creating a very scary yet plausible bad dude. The more I think about the women in the film (all two of them), I feel more and more like Anne Hathaway did do a good job as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. She does a good job being very guarded and playing the people around her, but she lets a few soft spots show through. Though is she sticks her ass up any higher while riding the Batcycle, it’s going to hit the roof of the tunnel and get lobbed off. I know it was done to tickle men’s fancy, but it was distracting how she’d lay down on the Batcycle normally, and then stick her butt up in the air. Like a baboon trying to attract a mate.

The ending is really what’s awesome about the movie. I obviously don’t want to spoil anything for people who care but haven’t seen it yet, but there were some good leads left in case everyone involved changes their minds and decides they want to make another movie. The ending was satisfying and exciting. Evidently confusing to some people, though I felt they did a fine job explaining it all. I personally would love to see a fourth movie happen sooner rather than later.

But, now that the Batman fun is over, we’re officially in the summer slump, where there’s not a lot on TV to watch, and the movies coming out are either way broad (The Watch, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Timothy Green), action films (The Bourne Legacy, Total Recall, Expendables 2), or indie films (Celeste and Jesse Forever, Ruby Sparks, The Babymakers). Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of those I want to see, but overall, these are the dogs days of summer for the entertainment industry.

Luckily, that means time to continue my adventure into new shows. I took a break from all serious shows after Lost, returning to familiar comedies to refresh the palate. I will soon be starting Battlestar Galactica, and my dad is going to loan me the first two seasons of Justified. Those should get me close enough to the fall shows that I should be able to fill my time with the early sneak peaks and watching the last episodes of different shows in order to get ready for the premieres. Yep, I have a problem.But at least it’s a fun one!


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