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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Newsroom, and the power of the backspace key

Let’s go in reverse order of the headline, shall we? The power of the backspace key is phenomenal. When you change your mind about something, it quickly gets rid of all evidence it ever existed (unless of course there’s a key tracker installed on your OS, in which case someone is spying on you.)

However, power yields danger. That wonderful, record clearing key can also quickly undo what was becoming one of your favorite posts ever. Ya know, that one you’ve been writing for the last 45 minutes or so, raving about The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin, and idealism and integrity in general. And also a little bit of ranting about how you were so close to being able to cancel HBO without missing any good shows, and The Newsroom ruined that for you. You also spent time finding the YouTube site where non-HBO subscribers could go to check out the first episode.

But then, you made the mistake of flipping to that You Tube page and back to your post, since you were transcribing the heartwarming speech about what makes America great- not the part about being 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 4th in labor force, 3rd in median income, but 1st in incarcerated citizens per capita, 1st in adults believing angels are real, and 1st in defense spending where we spend as much as the next 26 countries combine, 25 of whom are allies; the part about how we used to be great, how we used to have morals and fight for morals, how we used to care about each other and our neighbors, how we built great things, explored the universe, cultivated the world’s greatest artists and economy and used to revere great men, men who were involved in the issues or making great advancements, not basketball players or actresses or Kardashians.

And that’s when the power of the backspace key hit, and you were suddenly back on your homepage, your words forever lost. *Sigh*

So, long story short- if you like integrity, idealism, the idea that America could be great again if we, the citizens, were given the chance to know the truth, not just the spin- The Newsroom might be the right show for you.



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