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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Summer Lag

Sorry all’s been quiet on the Western front lately. Not much to say, I suppose. I’m pretending the words I’m not using are going to my best friend, the Introverted Knitter, who is competing in Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which is a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. She’s over halfway there, which is awesome, and I can’t wait to read her first draft!

As for me, I’m nearly halfway done with my Lost marathon. I’m at the start of season 3, which is near the half way point since the last three seasons weren’t full orders. I read The Walking Dead Vol. 16 in about 2 hours last Thursday night. It’s good, though not as good as some of the other volumes. It feels like it was largely set up. It might be that it was light on zombie killing, and that’s it felt mostly expositional.

I was extremely Martha Stewart- this weekend. I made a honey almond cake from scratch, and wrapped my dad’s Father’s Day gift crazy fancy- bows and all. 

Otherwise, I’m just trying to survive the Nebraska weather. I’m missing the mountains, where the air is fresh and the sun is hot, but it’s not sweltering all the time. It doesn’t seem to mater how much we run the air conditioning; the thick summer air is oozing into my house through every crack and hole possible. It sticks to your skin and soaks your clothes to the point where they’re basically suffocating you, even if all you’re in is shorts and a tank top! I hate Midwestern summers with a passion, and can’t wait for it to be fall finally. Sadly, it’s only June- it’s going to get worse before it gets better! Thankfully, I’m an indoor cat, and can wait out this ridiculous hot, humid evilness!


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One thought on “Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Summer Lag

  1. Yay for getting mentioned on your blog! Thanks for sacrificing your word count for me. May the cosmic forces bestow a cool in the heat wave (it does help I am in the same area so I would gladly take a break from the heat as well 🙂 )

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