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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… “Walt! WALT! Waaaaaaaaahahahaaaalt!” (Or, My Summer Viewing Agenda!)

Every summer, I try to turn myself on to a new show. This has been a tradition of mine for the last 6 years.

It start accidentally- I was taking classes over the summer rather than going home, but my dorm was closed over the summers, so I had to move to a different dorm on campus. While packing, I was flipping through the stations and stumbled upon a little show called The Office. At that point, I had only seen one episode of the BBC version, and thought it was hilarious. NBC was evidently doing a little marathon of sorts, because they showed about 4 episodes. The first one was okay, but since I was busy packing, I just left it on. Then I got sucked into the wonderfulness of the show and was hooked.

The next year, I finally watched Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared thanks to Netflix.Loved it, obviously. This was also the first year when the shows I watched were completely off air.

In 2008, it was Bones. I accidentally caught the end of the penultimate episode that season, where Booth gets shot in a karaoke bar. Since I was an Angel fan, I wanted to see if David Boreanaz was being written off the show for real, so I tuned in the following week. (Years old spoiler alert) The finale that season was the one where it turned out Brennan’s intern, Zach, had been aiding the serial killer they’d been hunting all season long. Also, I found out that John Francis Daley, aka Sam from Freaks & Geeks was playing Sweets, the psychologist. So, obviously, I went out and bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD so I could get all caught up.

2009 was a similar story with the USA Network show, In Plain Sight. I caught an episode by mistake, thought it seemed great, and went out and bought the first two seasons so I could get caught up while I was on a vacation.

2010 was Law & Order: UK. And I started watching it while in New Zealand, so I was in accent heaven. It was also when I began watching Eureka.

Last year was special because it was my first time using my iPad to catch up on a TV show instead of having to pack up all the DVDs in a carrying case and either my computer or portable DVD player. Hard to believe it, but it was only last year I started watching Being Human (BBC version), one of the best shows ever. I also watched all of Coupling, which was quite funny until series 4. I think I kept the British streak going last year with The Worst Week Ever, and Gavin & Stacey.

This year, I’m starting with a show I’ve already seen but felt the desire to watch again. I haven’t watched it at all in a couple years. It’s a show that sucked me in pretty quickly, and sadly ended with a whimper rather than a bang- Lost. I forgot how quickly it moved at first, how exciting and mysterious it could be, and how both good and campy the acting could be at times.

Once I’m done (starting Season 2 as I write), I will move on to Battlestar Galactica. It’s practically criminal that I’ve not yet watched this show. Believe it or not, I did not always embrace my geeky side and often scoffed at people who did watch BSG. But, after learning more about the show and it’s awesomeness, plus seeing about 1,000,000 ads on Hulu for it, I’m going to watch it. I’m just worried I’m going to get sucked in and not be able to eat, sleep, or go to work until I’ve watched it all!

After that, my mom and I have been trying to get caught up on Castle ever since last summer. Originally, I found Stana Katic offputing, but once again, I caught an episode accidentally and she seemed much looser and less annoying than when the series first started, so I want to get all caught up.

Also on my list: Bedlam, The Blue Planet, An Idiot Abroad 2, and Outnumbered. iTunes was having a sale on BBC shows this week!

P.S. The alternate title for this post evidently could have been “Indoor Cat’s Guide to… TV Addiction.” Just don’t throw me an inTVention yet (a televention?)- at least wait until I’m done with BSG!


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2 thoughts on “Indoor Cat’s Guide to… “Walt! WALT! Waaaaaaaaahahahaaaalt!” (Or, My Summer Viewing Agenda!)

  1. Hey there indoor cat. What are your thoughts on the summer season lineup for USA? Any thoughts on the division of the season that seems to be the dominate theme for the USA network?

    • I have my usual favorites, including last year’s new offering, Necessary Roughness, and the now oldie-but-goodie Burn Notice. There are also some I dig when I catch, like Royal Pains or White Collar, but I fail to follow regularly. Suits last year was a good offering, though one I didn’t get into too much, and this year’s Common Law seems to have a similar feel from the one episode I’ve watched! I dig bromances, which are USA’s strong suit.

      That being said, I feel that there have been better years where I liked more USA shows than I currently do; I actually find myself drifting to TNT right now. Franklin & Bash is a hilarious show, and Falling Skies gives me my sci fi fix. (If my dad reads this: LOOK THE OTHER WAY) I’ve even watched bits of Rizzoli & Isles the last few weeks and have found it pretty enjoyable, despite Angie Harmon’s awfulness.

      As for the split seasons, I see why it makes fiscal sense for them, and it frees up the actors to do guest stints on other shows if they want, which is always nice. But ultimately, I feel it’s a way to gouge money from viewers who love the show and run out to buy the DVDs, both season 4 and 4.5! Since they charge as much as for full seasons, but with half the episodes, I feel the producing studio really makes a good profit from this split season approach. In the meantime, viewers get to suffer through TWO cliffhangers each season- the midseason and the finale!

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