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Reposting an amazing article by Matt Mitovich on “When well-trained actors are out there giving the performance of their lives, when schooled writers are working through many a night to tell you a good story, when highly skilled dancers and singers are laboring to dazzle us with their innate abilities, why must we so desperately go digging, deep and at times into muck, for other “stars”? Why is a populace that is so quick to carp about the lack of quality TV series (or condemn those that are derivative” just as ready to make a family of pretty sisters far more affluent than any 100 of our education system’s best teachers?” Amen, brother.


Toddlers AND Tiaras Honey Boo Boo SpinoffIf you are familiar with what I’m about to discuss, you may find it engaging; if you are not, thank your lucky stars. Though I’m loath to pay this topic any lip service, I am moved to say something.

TLC – that’s The Learning Channel – has decided that you want to – nay, need to — learn more about “Honey Boo-Boo Child” aka Alana Thompson, the headline-grabbing star of its shall-not-be-named series about toddlers who wear tiaras (among other overdone accessories) to pageants.

I admittedly know not too much about the aforementioned reality series or the star of its newly greenlit spin-off. But I do know that both fall into the category of what I call “exploitainment TV.”

Because say what you will about the very worst and most disillusioned of American Idol auditioners or the desperate daters who aim to bed Bachelorettes and swing in the

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