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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Fox Fall Previews

FOX’s turn! There are only five previews available for Fox, so I’ll get straight to it:

The Mob Doctor is about a female surgeon indebted to the Chicago mob as a way to make up for her brother’s dalliances with them- I think gambling? This stars Jordana Spiro, Zach Gilford, and Zeljko Ivanek, so I want it to be good. I’m just not sure about it, though. The pilot revolves around her being asked to kill a patient who has been in witness protection, but is now supposed to testify against one of the mob bosses and has a heart attack. She says she never agreed to kill someone; the mob boss says she agreed to take care of her brother’s debt, and this is how she can do that. It looks like it’ll be a mix of action, medical procedural, and family drama. Verdict: DVR episode-by-episode until I get a better grasp on this one.

Ben & Kate, fka Ben Fox is my Manny, is about a brother moving in with his younger, more grown-up sister and the sister’s daughter. He’s a bit of a screw up and causes havoc in their lives, but ultimately they’re family and he’s always there for her, and that’s what makes him so special. I can again see this show breaking either way. It seems like it could be sweet and have a lot of heart, like Raising Hope (which it will follow), or just be a little drab and boring, like last year’s Running Wilde. Verdict: Episode-by-episode DVR.

The Mindy Project, fka It’s Messy, which hopefully is still on the search for a better title, it the Mindy Kaling starrer. I didn’t hold much hope for this one, as Mindy Kaling is annoying a good portion of the time she’s in anything, but she seems a tad more toned down and adult in the trailer, albeit a crazy adult. I’m also hoping this will be more of an ensemble show, like New Girl, so that when I can’t stand Mindy Kaling anymore, they can switch the focus to one of the other characters. Verdict: Once again, episode-by-episode DVRing.

The next two shows are actually midseason shows, and I couldn’t be more disappointed by that, because I think the next two look really good.

The Goodwin Games is about three grown siblings- played by Scott Foley, Becki Newton and Jake Lacy- who have drifted apart because they didn’t really get along as kids. When their father dies, he challenges them to one last competition. The winner will inherit his $23 million estate. Once again, this is a show that looks like it’s going to have a lot of heart along with it’s humor. Verdict:Season pass!

The Following is a drama starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy about a serial killer who has created a cult of other serial killers. Kevin Bacon is the ex-FBI agent who caught him once before, and is now sucked back in after Purefoy escapes. It looks amazing, honestly. It looks like it’s going to mess with our minds and possibly make us scared to go outside after watching it. I’m so disappointed it’s being held for midseason, but if it means it runs without large gaps between new episodes, I suppose it’s worth it. I’m also concerned about the longevity of the central conceit; I think it’ll be able to last longer if it has shorter seasons (13-15 episodes). Verdict: Season pass!!


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