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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… ABC Fall Previews

This is my last post before I head out on vacation! I’m heading to Salt Lake and then Yellowstone, so I’ll likely post a few photos here and there as I have time!

So, ABC released a ton of previews, both for fall and midseason. Starting with the fall offerings, we have The Neighbors, which as I said before is Suburgatory with aliens. It reminds me of an Ashley Tisdale movie I caught on cable on Saturday afternoons- Aliens in the Attic, I think. I also got kind of a Yes Dear or King of Queens vibe from it, and not the good seasons of King of Queens. Verdict: I’ll check out the first few episodes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this one got cancelled.

Nashville had a somewhat misleading description, as it’s not about a family with both a star at the peak of her game as a country singer and a daughter as an ingenue; it’s more like that Country Strong movie without alcoholism. Connie Britton is a country star on her way down- her latest album isn’t doing so well- and Hayden Panetierre (definitely the weak point of the show) is a Taylor Swift-esque crossover “artist” on her way up. And bitchy to boot. It looks like it might have some good drama, but also looks like it could be fairly boring. They’re putting it in Revenge‘s timeslot of Wednesday at 10/9c, and I’m not sure it’s going to be a worthy successor. Verdict: Episode-by-episode DVRing.

Last Resort looks really good to me. It’s about a nuclear submarine ordered to fire on Pakistan and take out 4.2 million people. When the crew balks at this order, they’re fired at by another US ship. They find a small island that they make their new base, and declare themselves as no longer recognizing the authority of the US. It seems well acted and like a fun, dramatic show, but I do worry about how long it can last with that concept. After all, as Indoor Cat’s papa said, they only have so many nuclear weapons they can fire! Verdict: Season pass, and I do think it’ll get a full season.

Malibu Country is a sitcom starring Reba McEntire as Reba (b/c heaven forbid she play a character with a different name, especially when she doesn’t so much act as play herself) who moves her children out to Malibu after she finds out her husband has been having affairs. She tries to revive her singing career, evidently. I’m pretty sure this is going to be this year’s Last Man Standing, where I personally don’t care for it, but other people seem to and it gets picked up for a full season. Verdict: I’ll pass, personally, but the rest of you should give it a shot and decide for yourselves.

The last fall show is 666 Park Avenue, about a supernaturally plagued apartment building with new managers who have no idea the history of the building and seemingly dark/evil building owners played by Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams. I’m pretty sure this one is going to get cancelled, but it may surprise me. The trailer looks good, I’m just not sure how this show goes week to week or season to season. But, it’ll be following Revenge on Sunday nights, so it could build up a decent following. Verdict: Episode-by-episode DVRing.

Now for their midseason offerings:

How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) has Elizabeth Perkins, Brad Garrett, and Sarah Chalke. Sarah Chalke and her daughter move back in with her mom (Perkins) and her mom’s boyfriend (Garrett) after a messy divorce. The mom is inappropriate and often talking about someone she’s previously sexed up, or someone she’d like to sex up, or some other form of sex. Sarah Chalke is, of course, embarrassed and annoyed. I am just not sure about this one. It looks kinda meh. Verdict: Episode-by-episode DVRing.

The Family Tools stars J.K Simmons, Kyle Bornheimer, Leah Remini, and Big Love from House. Now, I’ve previously expressed concern over this one because Kyle Bornheimer has had a rough go at finding that right sitcom for him to star in, and since I like him and love J.K. Simmons (and Big Love), I really want this one to work out. Sadly, I’m still on the fence. I feel like I’m going to love it, and it’s going to be cancelled. It seems funny and sharp and Kyle Bornheimer seems adorably dopey, but if ABC doesn’t give it the right time slot or enough marketing, it could easily sink into the deep dark recess never to be seen or heard from again.Verdict: Please watch it, so that my Season Pass for it isn’t wasted!

Zero Hour is another show I think will be good, but cancelled. Or it’ll be awful and rightfully cancelled. Starring Anthony Edwards, Jacinda Barrett, and Scott Micheal Foster, Zero Hour is about a magazine editor who gets sucked into a centuries old conspiracy when his wife is kidnapped after purchasing an odd looking clock. The clock contained one of twelve specially crafted dooh-dahs that, when combined, give the location of a super huge secret thing. Babies are born messed up, there are Nazis- it seems very intriguing. However, it could also be convoluted and ridiculous, and be this year’s The River. Let’s hope not, as Anthony Edwards needs to return to my tv screen on a weekly basis! Verdict: I’ll season pass it, and you should too.

The last two look awful, so I’m not gonna get that into them. Mistresses is a show about a bunch of mistresses we’re supposed to empathize with, but I won’t, b/c seriously, they’re mistresses, and kinda get whatever heartbreak/headache is heading their way. Plus, it stars Alyssa Milano, who isn’t exactly the world’s greatest actress. Verdict: Pass, unless you think Alyssa Milano is hot, in which case, mute it. Red Widow is this year’s Missing, so there’s really not much more that needs to be said. Verdict: Pass. It’ll might air all 13 episodes, but won’t get a season 2 pick up. 


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