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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Gadget Geekery and More TV News

So, first up, some gadget geekery. Indoor Cat bought herself a bluetooth keyboard today! It’s a Zagg Flex keyboard compatible with both Apple and Android. Indoor Cat as originally planning to buy the Apple keyboard, but her local Target didn’t have one. The Zagg keyboard was about $80, which is more than I wanted to spend, but still was on the lower end of what Target had available. It’s very small- the same length as the iPad, actually, and feels slightly flimsy. It wouldn’t take much Hulk-ing out to break this in two. It comes with a protective case, which is also quite flimsy. I’ll have to be careful where I put this at night so a misplaced foot in the morning doesn’t crush it into pieces! However, flimsiness aside, it’s doing quite well. I’m able to type at much closer to my real WPM that I could with the on screen keyboard, and while it feels a little cramped, there’s enough space between the keys that I’m not fat fingering every single word.

Now, on to the fun stuff! While Indoor Cat was busy at work yesterday, there was quite a bit of movement on the renewals/cancellations/pick ups front. Let’s start with the channel people above 16 are ashamed to admit caring about, The CW. The CW has cancelled freshman shows Ringer and The Secret Circle. However, it renewed newbie Hart of Dixie. None of this really affects me, but my sister (who is 31, btdubs) is bummed about Ringer– I personally gave all these shows a chance, but didn’t really get into any of them. For Hart of Dixie, I didn’t even get past the first episode! In addition to Dixie, Nikita and Gossip Girl were both picked up. Gossip Girl is going to have a final shortened seasons, with only 11 episodes (I don’t understand why it’s not the more traditional 13, but oh well.) A few weeks back, they announced pick ups for 90210, America’s Next Top Model, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries.

The CW has also picked up 5 new shows. First is The Carrie Diaries, based on Candace Bushnell’s novels chronicling a circa-1984 Carrie Bradshaw, pre-Manolo Blahnik and Big.

Beauty and the Beast will star Kristin Kreuk from Smallville as a homicide detective who witnessed her mother get killed when she was a teen. She was rescued from the killers by a handsome doctor with a Hulk-esque problem that causes him to occasionally become a beast with super strength and heightened senses.

Arrow is about Green Arrow, a DC Comic superhero I’ve never gotten into, but I assume he’s awesome at archery and saves lives and has some sort of lady friend.

The two shows I might actually try watching are First Cut and Cult. First Cut is about a first year surgical intern in Denver who is interning at the same hospital as her med school crush, but finds the hospital is just as cliquey and judgmental as high school. Think Grey’s Anatomy meets Felicity meets Scrubs. In Cult, a journalist investigates a show (shows within a show always delight me) also called Cult, about the cat-and-mouse game between a cult leader and an FBI agent, after his brother thinks the show is out to get him and then goes missing.

Switching gears, ABC has been ever the busy bee the last few days In addition to moving Cougar Town over to TBS, they’ve renewed Scandal, Happy Endings, Don’t Trust the B- in Apt. 23, Grey’s Anatomy (can’t wait for the finale!), The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Last Man Standing, Private Practice, and reality shows The Bachelor, Shark Tank, and Dancing with the Stars. Surprisingly, Body of Proof was also renewed.

With so many renewals, ABC just couldn’t justify renewing GCB, which bums me out because I was surprisingly digging that show, especially once sparks started to fly between the pastor and Amanda. Pan Am has also now been officially cancelled, which also bums me out, but it not at all surprising when they stopped production early and burned off the last few episodes. Missing will be missing off ABC’s schedule come fall (ha, punny!), and The River couldn’t stay afloat (more puns, yay!).

To fill their spots, ABC has announced quite a few pick ups. Nashville stars Connie Britton (fka Mrs. Coach or Tami Taylor from FNL) as a country star at her peak (meaning the only place to go is down!), while her daughter, played by Hayden Panettierre , is a country star on the rise! Family drama shall ensue.

Family Tools is another sitcom, about a man (Kyle Bornheimer) who puts his dreams on hold to come home and help his dad (J.K Simmons) run their family handyman business. Now, I love J.K. Simmons, so I hope this show is good, but Kyle Bornheimer has not had much luck headlining shows (The Worst Week, Perfect Couples, Romantically Challenged), so if I were J.K., I’d have something else lined up just in case!

Red Widow is about a woman who takes over her dead husband’s role in the mafia; Zero Hour has a magazine editor getting involved in a huge conspiracy after his wife is kidnapped, and Neighbors is Suburgatory with aliens- family moves to the ‘burbs and discovers their neighbors are aliens. I wonder which show will portray the ‘burbs with more oddities? My money is still on Suburgatory.

How to Live With Your Parents For the Rest of Your Life stars Sarah Chalke, Elizabeth Perkins, and Brad Garrett, so I have decent hopes for this one. Sarah Chalke’s character is forced to move back in with her boundary-less parents while trying to raise a child of her own. The whole deal is that her parents had her super young, so they’re less parent-y that one would like their parents to be, and know as a grown person she’s forced to move back home. It’s also a show badly in need of a shorter title!

666 Park Ave is about a young couple who take over a haunted apartment complex owned by another couple. The owners are Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams, so I’ll give this show a shot! Finally, Last Resort is about a crew of a nuclear-equipped submarine who decide to declare themselves their own country, fire their nuclear weapons at various targets, and generally cause havoc in the world. Andre Braugher stars in this one, so I’m expecting lots of grand speeches!

And now, to wind things up, news about NBC. They’ve officially cancelled BFF Bent, Harry’s Law, Awake, and Are You There, Chelsea?– let’s mourn for these awesome shows for a moment, k? And moment over. The ‘cock has also decided to renew Whitney, but it’s a small price to pay if it means keeping Parks and Recreation and Community (even if it is only a shortened season of Community.)

With that, drink, eat, be merry. It’s the weekend, so make sure to go see a movie or two. I recommened The Avengers if you haven’t seen it yet. I myself am planning to check out Dark Shadows with my ma tomorrow for Mother’s Day.


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