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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… THE BEST DAY EVER!

In reality, today was a rough day for Indoor Cat, but it’s winding down with awesome news- Community was renewed! HUZZAH!

The one down side is that it’s only for a 13-episode season. Hopefully it’ll have a resurgence and they’ll order more episodes, OR they’ll cancel it (calm down now, hear me out) so that TBS can pick it up and air it with Cougar Town since those shows have shown love for each other over the years.

NBC has also picked up two more dramas- Do No Harm, a show about a neurosurgeon with a Jekyl/Hyde issue, and Infamous, which is kinda like Revenge meets Veronica Mars– a former maid’s daughter, who is now a detective, returns undercover to the wealthy family her mother worked for in order to figure out who killed her former BFF, the notorious heiress of the family. The one thing that’s making me give this show a chance (at this point) is that Victor Garber is in it. And I didn’t realize that NBC had actually picked up Hannibal, the pre-Silence of the Lamb story following Hannibal Lecter when he was the mentor to FBI agent Will Graham.

Interesting that NBC is still all over the news, Fox made their splash, and yet there’s been little to no movement for ABC and CBS. Maybe they’re holding their news for next week?


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One thought on “Indoor Cat’s Guide to… THE BEST DAY EVER!

  1. Glad to hear about Community getting renewed!

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