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Indoor Cat took a work-related catnap from the entertainment industry yesterday, and has recently crammed a whole bunch of information into her brain. Which, c’mon, isn’t very big. I’m a cat. I think my brain is the size of a child’s fist.

ANYWAY, starting with good news for Grey’s fan, the originals are staying on the show! Yes, all the originals have agreed to sign new two-year contracts, even Mr. Floppy-Hair McGee. Most people figured he’d only sign for one more season and only partial time, maybe 13 episodes, so this is good news. Mer, Der, Cristina, Karev, Bailey and the Chief will all be back next season. Which also means it’s unlikely any of them are the character dying in the season finale!

More news on the NBC pickups- they’ve renewed Law & Order: SVU for a 14th season, while also picking up Dicky Wolf’s (L&O‘s godfather) newest baby, Chicago Fire. Since Dicky does a good job naming his shows, it’s about exactly what it sounds like: firefighters in Chicago. Jesse Spencer (House), David Eigenberg (Sex and the City), and Monica Raymund (The Good Wife, Lie to Me) star. NBC has also picked up on more sitcom, called Guys with Friends. Starring Anthony Anderson (from L&O), Jesse Bradford (from Bring It On), and a guy from a show that got burned off last summer, it’s about three guys with kids. It’s produced by Jimmy Fallon, so I’m not surprised it was picked up. NBC loves them some Jimmy Fallon. And as much as I love me some Anthony Anderson, I have doubts about this one. Let’s hope I’m wrong!

NBC isn’t the only one giving out pickups and cancellation notices. Fox put some skin in the game, finally. Freshman shows The Finder and Alcatraz received their pink slips, not surprisingly. I wanted to like Alcatraz so much, but instead I only thought it was okay and lost interest pretty early on. The Finder I never bothered watching.

As for upcoming shows, Fox has already picked up five series, almost all of which I touched on in my previous posting, so yay me!

First up, Ben & Kate, formerly Ben Fox Is My Manny– a sitcom about a guy becoming his uptight sister’s kid’s nanny.

Next up is the (worrisome) Mandy Kaling pilot, with it’s new title, It’s Messy. It’s like it’s setting itself up for the punny headlines if it doesn’t work out! If she isn’t too Kelly Kapoor on it, it could be okay. But since I think the point is to see how crazy they can have her be (after all Bridget Jones got sadder and more pathetic and whiny in the second movie than in the first, and yes I’m referencing the movies because I’ve never bothered to read the books), I imagine I’ll get annoyed away from this one pretty quickly. Unless, like New Girl, the supporting cast makes it worth sticking around (sorry, Zoey, you are the weak link on that show, and it should seriously be called Schmidt!)

The Mob Doctor is the Jordana Spiro/Zach Gilford show I was hoping would get picked up, about a female doctor with ties to the Chicago mob. I just like both Jordana Spiro (My Boys) and Zach Gilford (FNL) so much, I want their show to be good!

The Following is the Kevin Bacon show, in which he is an FBI profiler hunting down the serial killer he’d caught once before. The serial killer has since been creating a cult of serial killers, so that’s gonna be fun. (For the record, serial killers on tv or in movies = fun. Serial killers in real life = creepy/scary/sad.)

Finally, the one show I stupidly didn’t comment on before, The Goodwin Games, is brought to us by the letters HIMYM. Created by How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, and starring Barney’s stripper girlfriend Becki Newton (formerly of Ugly Betty and  Love Bites), as well as Felicity’s Scott Foley (also known as Teddy’s dead husband Henry on Grey’s Anatomy) and Jake Lacy (Casey from the under appreciated Better With You), The Goodwin Games is about three adult siblings who have to reunite in order to inherit their recently dead dad’s fortune.

So, keep your fingers crossed for Like Father, because I love me some Bill Lawrence and Colin Ferguson, and with five pick ups, I’m getting a little concerned about this one! But, otherwise, I’m pretty pleased with Fox’s decisions so far.

Oh, and since I’m posting on a Thursday, a quick reminder: watch Community (8/7c) and Parks and Recreation (9:30/8:30c) tonight on NBC! It’s the Parks and Rec finale, so we’ll find out if Leslie is elects to the city council, or if she’s bested by Bobby Newport.


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