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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… More Renewals!

So far, newbies Grimm and Smash have been renewed, as well as veteran Law & Order: SVU. Some things are sure bets, like The Voice and The Biggest Loser. However, a few “bubble shows” (aka shows on the edge of renewal/cancellation) are starting to get the news.

30 Rock is getting one last (shortened) season! Huzzah. Hopefully they’ll be funny, unlike some of the last few seasons. (IMO, this season has been much more like seasons 1 and 2, aka the heyday).

Also renewed and also with a shortened season is Parenthood. I really do enjoy this quiet, subtle, emotionally charged show, so I’m glad to see it get at least one more season. Of course, next year at this time it’ll be right back on the bubble, but that’s TV life for ya.

Not on NBC, but also in the win category, ABC has decided to release Cougar Town into the wild known as cable. TBS has opted to pick up the show, so the Cul-de-Sac Crew will ride again, however, it will also have another shortened season. It’s too bad My Boys ended seasons ago, because that would’ve been a good fit- PJ and her boys and Jules and her crew. C’est la vie. Hopefully at least half of the fans of the show will follow this Cougar’s migration, which will still make it a crazy successful show by TBS standards.


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