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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… FOX Pilots

While I have a minute, I figured I’d post real quick on Fox’s potential pilots. They’re definitely focusing on the comedy, so there’s a good chance we’ll have a couple new laffers from them come fall. I’m personally rooting for Like Father, because it’s created by Bill Lawrence of Scrubs and Cougar Town fame, and I really like his shows, and it’s starring Colin Ferguson, who I like on Eureka.

Other FOXcoms I’ve heard a bit about are Ben Fox Is My Manny, where a guy becomes the nanny for his type-A sister’s daughter, El Jefe, where a 30 year old guy moves in with his nanny, and the as of yet untitled Mindy Kaling show, which isBridget Jones for Americans if Bridget were a gyno instead of a reporter.

On the drama front, they’re making Alias 2.0 called The Asset and starring Ali Larter and Bradley Whitford; Guilty, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. about a disbarred lawyer consulting on cases and trying to get revenge on the guy who got him disbarred; a show that sounds a lot like that Taylor Lautner movie where the kid’s parents were really CIA operatives and he’s this super-spy; a show about a young, female Chicago surgeon who is indebted to the mob, but it has a cast full of people I love (Jordana Spiro from My Boys, Zach Gilford from Friday Night Lights, and Zeljko Ivanek from being kick-ass and awesome), and finally a show created/produced by Kevin Williamson starring Kevin Bacon about an escaped serial killer and an FBI agent- like White Collar, but without as much humor and with more murder. I actually am hoping that one gets picked up. While I personally would’ve made Kevin Bacon the deranged serial killer, he’s the FBI agent.

So, FOX pilots in a nutshell. Next Monday should be interesting, as FOX does have a decent amount of prime time to fill.


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