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No, not of the Biblical kind. Of the television kind, of course!

How long after a TV show was been cancelled can it still be resurrected and have the same spirit, the same lightning-in-a-bottle effect that made it popular in the first place? Netflix wants to test this idea.

As is fairly well known by now, Netflix is reviving the show Arrested Development. It will be 7 years between new shows. The last new AD aired in 2006, and Netflix will release the new episodes in 2013. The cult followers of the show have been clamoring for a Bluth family reunion for over half a decade, so I personally think Netflix made a good decision (for once!). But the real question is, will this work for other shows as well?

There has been recent speculation that Netflix will soon be undertaking a second revival, this time of the show Jericho. Now, I actually liked Jericho when it was on- it’s about a group of survivors in small town Kansas after a terrorists attacked the US. It’s all about adjusting to a new normal, which I love, and about surviving in a basically post-apocalyptic world, where the luxuries you once considered necessities are no longer available. (The reason I love most disaster-porn movies and things like The Walking Dead.) I thought the first season of Jericho was very intriguing and interesting, and didn’t mind Skeet Ulrich’s skeletal face.

But again, we’re talking about a show that’s been off air for quite some time. It’s been four or five years since Jericho last aired, and unlike Arrested Development, I haven’t heard many people talk about missing it and wishing they had more episodes of it. I applaud Netflix for attempting to be a savior of quality programs, but I don’t know that Jericho is a strong choice for them. I’m worried that by choosing a show that doesn’t have people demanding new content, like AD has had over the years, they are going to think this model fails and no longer be interested in saving shows. If anything, I think more people would be interested in reviving Veronica Mars, Dollhouse, or, of course, Firelfy. Or better yet, save their money for when Community gets axed!!


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