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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Cabin in the Woods

So, this is a little late.

This weekend, I was an outdoor cat and went to see a movie I’ve been looking forward to for years: The Cabin in the Woods. I, like most entertainment geeks in this country, love Joss Whedon. I mean, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly, Toy Story- the man is a genius.

For once, I fought against every natural instinct of mine and did not read a single spoiler for the movie. I barely read reviews, I was so worried about spoilers. All I knew about the movie, I knew from the previews: a group of college kids go to a cabin in the woods where some weird shit starts happening, and we know it’s some kind of elaborate set up seemingly orchestrated by Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins. Oh, and Fred- er, Whiskey- er, Amy Acker is there.

So, I get to the movie and the opening credits start to roll- images of sacrifices over blood. This cements the plot of the movie for me, as the preview showed an intimidating backwoods dude saying, “The lambs have come to the killing floor.” In the trailer, this seems so ominous and dark; in the movie, it’s a hilarious scene. For a movie about human sacrifice, it was quite hilarious. Then again, I’d expect nothing less from the Whedonverse, as my introduction to it was Buffy, a show that showed a teenage girl nearly die on a weekly basis while delivering classic puns.

We’re quickly introduced to the characters, or should I say, stereotypes. Good girl, slutty girl, jock, brain, and pothead. Sure, we’re told in various ways throughout the movie that these simplistic terms do not define these characters in their reality, but this weekend, they do. Because the sacrifice requires certain archetypes be sacrificed in a certain order. The only thing that is uncertain is the way in which these characters will bite the dust.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so that’s about as far as I can go. I will say, I ended up having an incredibly disturbing dream that night, and I never get freaked out by movies. Not enough to have bad dreams, at least. While I’m not thrilled with the ending- I feel it’s missing a basic sense of logic and humanity- I still really enjoyed the movie. Definitely worth the trip outdoors.


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