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There are two things in the world making me happy today.

The first is last night’s BRILLIANT episode of Community.

Based on one of my favorite shows of all time, Law & Order, last night’s Community centered on the gang trying to solve the case of the smashed sweet potato, Pam the yam. Because it rhymes. All the aspects that made Law & Order Law & Order were present in the show- the opening with the janitors finding the “body,” the doink doinks, the puns (both bad and good), the trench coats, the friendship AND hostility between the cops and lawyers, the “twist” in the whodunit that the viewer figures out as soon as the real culprit is shown on screen. It was one of the most amazing homages (is that the right for the plural of homage?) I’ve ever seen, and Community has done a lot of homagi.

My absolute favorite part is the spot-on opening credits. The way the creatives at Community were able to turn their theme song into such an accurate recreation of the real Law & Order theme song just floored me. I didn’t even realize it until halfway through, and then had to rewind to hear it from the start.

Other rewind-worthy moments: the always scene-stealing Leslie Hendrix as the M.E. of Pam the yam, especially when noting that Pam was about to bloom and Troy’s reaction; Professor Kane giving the news about Starburns at the end- literally gasped at that moment, even though I knew from spoiler blogs that someone was going to die this season, and finally, the Dean’s song to Troy and Abed during the final tag. It was simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. If someone sang me that song using that voice, I would NOT be going to sleep EVER AGAIN!

Now, for the second thing making me happy today (albeit a little sad too): Fringe was renewed for a fifth season! Fifth and final, though, thus the sadness. I’m just pleased that the Powers That Be saw fit to allow the great minds at Fringe to have 13 more episodes to explain a little bit more, wrap things up for these beloved characters, and give some closure for the fans. I have no doubt the final thirteen episodes will be utterly amazing, given how amazing the entire show has been.


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One thought on “Indoor Cat’s Guide to… Happiness

  1. A little late to the party, but I agree that Community episode was hilarious. Big L&O fan, and loved the subtle and not so subtle pokes they made. Great post

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