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Indoor Cat’s Guide to… The Supernatural

And now for the first important post! (Quick side note: some of these posts will be posted from my iPad, which has a hard time keeping up with my typing speed. Please assume all errors are because of this!!)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been into the supernatural. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, zombies, monsters, heck, even non-supernaturals but still creepy serial killers fascinated me (not in a creepy way, in a how could they do that kind of way!)- any big bad you can think of, I was into it. I’d read books, see movies, watch shows about these big bads. One of my favorite movies is Shaun of the Dead- zombies (though we’re not using the zed word), humor, British accents, and Simon Pegg. How could you not love it?

Because of my love of zombies, two Halloweens ago I decided what better way to spend the vending than watching the super creepy looking show, The Walking Dead? A month or so ago when the second season ended, after I picked my jaw up off the floor from the action and character-development packed hour, I decided I needed more. I needed to know ore about the walkers,the survivors, this post-apocalyptic world where the dead didn’t stay dead. So, I did what any geek-lite girl would do and bought the graphic novels.

I wasn’t sure I was actually going to into them, since I haven’t read atomic since I was a kid. I bought the first five paperback volumes, thinking those would keep me entertained on my way to and from Chicago last weekend, when I went to visit my best friend. The books came a couple weeks earlier than my trip, and I couldn’t completely resist, so I tore through the first one. As anyone who has read them will know, you can’t really stop there. Robert Kirkman does a sickeningly good job making you want more. I resisted until the day I left for Chicago, but finished volumes 2 and 3 on the airplane, and got halfway through volume 4 while waiting for the el train.

Thankfully my best friend and her husband are awesome people who took me to a Barnes and Noble so that I could buy more. They only had 6,7, and 8, but that turned out to perfect- I finished volume 8 minutes before the plane landed back in Omaha. Of course, now I’m back in torture mode, waiting for that Amazon box with 9-15 to arrive. Even then, I’ll have to be disciplined and wait a few more weeks to read them, because I’m planning to use them as a source of entertainment on my way out to Wyoming at the end of May.

I knew I’d need a soft landing pad after being deep into The Walking Dead for a while. Luckily, one of my other favorite shows has been airing recently: Being Human (BBC version, of course. The accents and all!!). Unfortunately for me, it’s just a compelling and enthralling as The Walking Dead,which means I tore through it as well!

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it is about three supernaturals- a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire- sharing a house together. The three form a little family of their own, learning to be on the outside of humanity without losing their humanity. The last season ended with a major change in the group dynamic, and I was eager to see how they show would transition. While there have been rough patches and hokey moments, in my opinion, they’ve done a good job adding in new characters and shifting the focus of the show.

I watched the finale this weekend, and as usual, wasn’t disappointed. If anything, I was sad for the journey to end, to be out of that world. The same way I felt when The Walking Dead ended. And that’s the amazing thing about these shows and TWD novels- they create worlds and characters that are so full and rich, that when the season or volume ends, you want more. You want to see how your favorites continue on and grow, how they adjust to the changes around them, how they retain their humanity in an increasingly human-less world.

So, there ya go. My first rant about something geeky. Definitely not the last. And hey, at least I have (a measly) 6 episodes of Eureka to help satiate my sci-fi cravings until I can figure out what to watch next!!


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