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Hello world! That’s how Word Press wanted to label this first post, so I thought I’d at least start my post with it.

Welcome to my new blog. My best friend has a blog and has been trying to convince me to start one. Heck, even my father and stepmom have a blog. Tonight, I’m cracking, breaking down because I have no one in the real world to talk to about something, and thought it clearly makes sense to reach out into the deep dark interwebs to find similarly interested people.

Before I get to the important stuff, some personal background: I’m a 26yo girl from Omaha, Nebraska. I work in a hard-to-describe job where I get to be logical and creative, which I love, but it bums me out because I know most people are annoyed by my work. Basically, I help create IVRs, those automated phone systems everyone wants to skip over so they can talk to a real person, but then are annoyed that that real person is in the Philippines.

I’ve lived in the same city for most of my life, sans when I was a baby in North Dakota, went to college in Iowa, and studied abroad for a semester in Northern Ireland. This last part is important to remember, because it informs a lot of my entertainment interests- if you have an accent, especially a British, Irish, or Scottish accent, I’m likely going to get sucked in.

So, here’s the basic point of this blog: I am a geek-lite. I’m more than slightly addicted to tv and movies, fairly interested in music, and occasionally read a book or two. I like looking at specs on phones, computers, cameras, etc. I would love to go to Comic Con someday because of all the awesome movies and tv shows that are previewed there. I usually see at least 50 movies a year, and really, that was just a lie, because it’s really more like 70 a year. I follow tv ratings like some people follow sports, and know more Hollywood jargon than a girl from Nebraska has use for. So, I’ll be using this space to share my thoughts on things I find interesting- movies, tv shows, random events, articles that intrigue or annoy me, and possibly tales of my travels and photos if I take some I think are worth sharing. I’m not actually sure how often I’ll be updating this thing, but let’s aim for at least once a week, okay? Chances are it’ll be a bit more often than that, but we’ll see.

So, thanks for sticking with me through this intro (aka Dullsville) post. I’ll come back super soon to actually cover something real. Sneak peek: zombies, werewolves, vampires, and ghosts, but ultimately, amazing storytelling.


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